Working with Mara? (buddhism demonology)

Hey i wonder if you guys know how to summon Mara the Evil one? Can european people work with Mara?
Is there a sigil? Or an enn?

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Interesting topic.

First off, I think its pretty widely accepted that anyone can work with Hindu and Buddhist deities. Their system makes it seem like these entities represent facets of reality itself rather than a cultural keepsake(when applied to Hinduism, this is the few of yogis who have a more philosophical and occult approach as opposed to your common worshiper who may view them in a more pagan or literal light).

Within the texts he is the personification of that which distracts you from your goals. I’m not sure of what application this could have aside from baneful magic. The most likely place to look is in vajrayana texts. They would be the type to work with weird or(seemingly) counterproductive forces.


Mara (Dairokuten Ma-o) is featured on the Gohonzon (12th Spirit listed):

do you think this mantra Astral Projection · Sigil, Frequency & Mantra Meditation Chant (6 Hours) - YouTube Mara-Dendar invokes… Mara ? The Hindu :om: god ?