Working with Lucifer

Several weeks ago I was at low point in life when my friendship circle was somewhat too small for my liking, I felt I didn’t get the attention I deserved and always sort to be well connected. I read that Lucifer can give anything asked for as he is the Prince of Darkness.
I evoked him only using a single candle in darkness including a poem of conjuration that Lucifer gave to my friend.Once I felt his presence I requested (not commanded) for him to expand my social circle. And since that day I have reaped results on a daily basis as my social circle is bigger than before, I receive the attention I sought after from people including increased popularity

I’m just here to thank Lucifer for the great deeds he has done. And encourage others to work with him.


Can you share this poem of conjuration?

I’d like to see it too. Thanks

Lucifer is great for any working. I’ve never got anything but success with him yet he’s such a gentle spirit. Great for beginners and seasoned magicians alike.

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