Working with Lilith

During my last invocation with Lucifer I asked him about working with Lilith. The question was put like this:
“I would like to work with Lilith to request one of her daughters for a companion. Could you aid me with what ritual I will use to invoke her?”

Lucifer replied with:
“To work with Lilith a letter of intent. Dedicate an altar to her. Have her sigil ready and chant her Enn. Make offerings of her favourite things. And most of all be very respectful to Lady Lilith.”

Before I write a letter of intent to Lilith, should I spend a bit of time creating an altar for her and make daily offerings? How much time would you give before writing a letter of intent? I want to make sure that everything will be perfect before I invoke her…any advice will be appreiciated. Many thanks in advance.:metal:

i personally don’t have an altar to her, daily offerings are not necessary to work with her but an offering doesn’t have to be food or incense or stuff like that, you can orgasm and leave that as an offering. and being respectful to her is very important. and it depends when she will want to give you a companion. she might give you one right away or she might not

Thank you for your input.

I know She loves the color purple. Offer coffee with honey as the sweetener. Most important though is your time, dedication and respect.

Oooo coffee with honey…I might have a cup of that with her…what purple object would you use or could I wear something purple?

Lmao yep She loves purple. Flowers, artwork and I would think that if you wore purple, She would appreciate that. She loves the smell of Jasmine.

@succupedia because somebody is bound to tag him here. That’s where I learned of the Letter of Intent. I made zero preparations, no altar dedication, enn chanting, none of that. What it comes down to is your intent. Also, I thought Lady Lilith liked Red? I mean she probably loves purple too, but I hadn’t heard anybody mention it before?

I’ve been working with Lilith since 2019, through Kundalini Awakening, by unlocking my spiritual gifts, expanding my spiritual knowledge, and learning about her stories through myths, and legends.