Working with Leviathan as a Patron

What are you experiences working with or having Leviathan as a patron?


From my experience, Levi is like a wise elder. But at the same time refuses to take any bullshit. He’s harsh in training, but kind when giving advices. He will teach you what you desire, come hell or high water :wink:

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Soft voice, harsh hand.

He is someone that shoves you in the water and expects you to swim, but will always be nearby to drag you out when you’re at the last bit of your strength and can’t paddle anymore. Just to do it all over again after slapping you back to reality, lol.

However strict he is, he is extremely patient. I feel like his guiding lessons are through patience and endurance. If you’re willing to put in the long-term work, he is willing to walk you through actualizing your systems/goals. Keyword: consistency.

For me, he is an adept demon to learn control, balance, and self-regulation from. Communication with him is a little less straight-forward. I usually receive it in parts over time, in images, in sensations. Whole conversations with him are on the rarer side than with other more talkative entities. Not much of a conversationalist, he always feels like he is nearby and around me. A passive presence that never seems to leave like smog/miasma. His personality is definitely unique.

However boundless his kindness and patience feels, his wrath is nasty and suffocating. Baneful workings with him also fall in line with slow and steady destruction. Results were never immediate, but have always amounted to much more devastating effects than I had initially asked for.

Being a draconic chaos entity, pursuing a draconic path with him also satisfies many avenues for success, especially those that align with personal ascent or self-mastery within. He is one piece of a larger whole when it comes to draconic magick, but definitely integral, to say the least.

I can’t say I’ve ever invoked/evoked him for one-off requests, so I cannot say in personal experience the quality of his small-scale deliveries. In my personal experience, he’s more of a demon that assists with internal reformation, though I’d be interested to see if anyone has summoned him for small petitions.

I hope you get the chance to experience a fruitful relationship with him. (:


chaotic and powerful

I invoked him and he’s been with me ever since and now he has a place of sorts within my inner temple. I’ve known him to be quiet and omnipresent. He acts only when engaged and when he does it’s with a swift and fiery force that’s contained but chaotic in nature. He will teach you to face your fears.