Working with King Paimon again

So I had taken a break from working with king paimon, I wanted to work on developing my senses more so I would feel more confident in asking help with things. But when I did before I took the break, I noticed my illustrations and art I did came much more natural to me and turned out better, probably because he does help with Art. So I began working with him again and I contacted him and it was wonderful. I felt his presence much easier, actually I felt him pat my head at one point hah. I asked if he could help my illustrations turn out well again and come naturally and easily. I trust it will turn out well!


(I accidentally posted it before I finished typing whoops)


Developing your astral senses before you summon him again was a good call and he’ll surely reward your hard work.

I hope you continue to have a good relationship with him!

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Thank you very much! And hope so too hah

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