Working with Intranquil spirits

Has anyone here worked with intranquil spirits? Can you share your experiences of the ritual and how you performed the evokation? I used search function but there was not many details about these spirits and regarding the process to evoke them.


From what I have read regarding the intranquil spirit, it’s basically a candle spell and sex magick that uses a prayer to evoke the spirit.

You dress the candle with an oil (oil and candle color corosponds to the work needed to be done, which is usually love, if I’m not mistaken)

Then using your sexual fluids you anoint a crucifix and say the given prayer.
I have felt a little bit of success using a intranquil spirit but maybe that is because I am a very sceptical person and over think things. I will find the links and post. There is a lot of warnings of danger when working with these type of spirits.

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I’ve never heard of sexual fluid being used in the Intranquil spirit spell. There are however many spirits that are grouped in as intranquil spirits like Anima Sola, Santisima Muerte and the like. Some of those workings I have seen involve sexual fluids.

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I think I used Santisima Muerte, when I did it or I at least used the sexual fluids part of the ritual,it was in my becoming days, so I just used what I could get. Not sure though.

I have done this … 2 years ago to get my ex back. I cannot perform rituals but this one was not that elaborate I found the instructions on a website (I don’t remember the name of the website) I was not in contact with my ex back then and I had zero experience with magic but I was desperate (some members might remember my situation but that’s another story) I lit a candle and made a cross with matches (I do not live in a Christian country) and recited the chants while holding them in my hands (it was before I found this website) I did this for 7 consecutive nights. On the 4th night I saw that my ex has posted on facebook “the demon again” which made me wondering bcuz demons are not a usual topic to bring up for him personally it was the first time I had heard him using that term so it might have worked although I never got back my ex at least not completely and the way i needed him to be back bcuz of my situation but that’s another story.