Working with human spirits

I have only worked with the demonic and so I’m curious about contacting human spirits who have not reincarnated yet and are still in the Astral infernal realm… I need answers only a dead human soul could give me such as what it’s like living in the Astral I also need a human soul who works with the demonic and lives in the infernal realm such as a witch etc… how to go about this???

I need the spirit of a witch close with Satan and his demons that still resides in the infernal realm I just need answers about death and dying and also suicide… I’m iffy on human spirits though it seems risky

you guys also always talk about Gods demons and angels but never human spirits aka ghosts and contacting them…

Necromancy is better off learned from the spirits to begin with.

Most wouldn’t dare touch necromancy.



Contact the Witch of Endor. She was a necromancer and she conjured the Deceased Spirit of the Prophet Samuel for king Saul.

She can Answer your questions among other Deceased Witches.


do you ever summoned her?

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I have not summoned her myself, but I speak from what she was known for in the Bible…witchcraft and Necromancy and divining.

She accurately predicted the place, time, and method King Saul and his son would die. And they did die that exact way

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Be careful buddy, necromancy is a big no no for most magicians. The essence of death lingering around you won’t feel good in the long run.

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