Working with HEL

Can anybody give me advice and experience working with HEL?
I just wish to find out what other people have found, so I can cross reference my own experiences. Thanks.


I’d recommend this Youtuber personally, she has a lot on Hel since she works with her.


Thanks alita, much appreciated I will look her up, see what she has to say.

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Shes awesome.

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When I was beginning to get to know her for some reason she found it imperative that I experience what death feels like. It messed with me a bit psychologically but black magick will do that to you.
One night when she came I heard her say
“You know what happens when you die?”
Me: “…whut…?”
“Your organs turn to jelly.”
And immediately i began to experience a tremendous amount of pain through my entire abdomen and chest. I layed back completely surrendered to the suffering. I wanted to breathe… I wanted to cry… but I couldn’t. All I could do was lay there as I endured it. I truly felt as though I would die because there came a point when it started to seem as though I was feeling it all from some place far away. Like I was slipping.
I think this was one of my more intense experiences but i never really wrote about it. Looking back I wish I did. It was just a lot at the time.
So this was just a little bit of my experience with Hel. I hope you find it useful :slightly_smiling_face:


Joey and Cris will be putting a free podcast up in March for Hel as well. This video gives the link but this video might be helpful too.


Can I ask Rin why you associated HEL with black magic?
I have looked at different posts/topics on here concerning her, and my perspective relationship I have is not a dark one.
I have from a child had her looking after me, haunting dreams.her choice not mine…I know she is a force to be reckoned with and so very tempremental, I am aware of her powers. But the half dead goddess I know is so much more then that, I have asked nothing from her and been given everything. I myself don’t practice magic, nor ever have. The lady I know is loving, caring, with a wicked warped sense of humour. She is neither good or bad, she just is.