Working with Hekate

So I have asked hekate for healing and since I have been having dreams of things I have done wrong. What do I do with this? Do I ask for forgiveness? I’m not sure where I go from here.


Dealing with what? And how do you know the dreams are related?

Well a video I watched with a priestess Said Hekate will show me everything about myself in order to heal. I have very vivid psychic dreams. Ever since I asked for healing it has been dreams of things that happened 10 years ago and people I have hurt. Things I haven’t thought of in probably 10 years. So I feel it must be related. I would explain the dreams but they are very personal. I just don’t know what I should now.

There you go. Your answer. Personally I don’t belive that asking forgiveness from others will help you in any way. But if you think it will work for you, who am I to judge.
What you need is some self work. Accept that whatever happened belongs in the past and get rid of your regrets by forgiving your own self.


Yes. You ask for forgiveness from yourself.

This is true. Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for yourself. In my opinion, Hecate is showing you that you are holding on to the mistakes of the past, and that in order to heal, you have to forgive yourself and let them go, as @Anassa mentioned.


You had to quote the part I misspelled!? :rofl::joy:


If you didn’t say anything i wouldn’t have noticed.:flushed:

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@DarkestKnight is correct regarding the visions you have encountered, indicating you must heal yourself first and proceed with your path. This sounds like an emotional process. Whatever the ritual you were trying to enact the Deity will recommend what he feels will move you forward with your spiritual ascent and path to the betterment of both you and the Deity.


Actually if you are a black mage you have nothing to regret or ask forgiveness for… Hail thyself! Accept your dark side that was the true meanining what Hecate wanted to tell you. Be strong!

Anana Hecate Ayer!