Working with Foras

Has anyone worked with Foras? I tried EAs suggestion to find a sigil that resonated with the viewer. I did so, and Foras’ was the one I chose or chose me. Only positive things, and I released Foras after thanking them for the awakening help. Any recommendations as to whether this being should be contracted/worked with again? Amazing experience so far. Perhaps because I’m not actually looking for anything but guidance and protection during my Ascention.


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If you resonate with Foras and he is helping with your goals then I don’t see why you shouldn’t continue working with him.

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After reading your helpful reply, I realize that perhaps I’m asking if there is anyone out there who can tell me more about Foras so that we (the spirit and I) can work together in harmony, if that’s possible or even desirable. I suppose I did perceive Foras as being real, and now I want to get to know them better. Peace.

President Foras teaches Logic, Ethics, herbs, stones, and can make one witty, eloquent, invisible, long-living, and can find lost things of value. (Source: Wikipedia)

Definitely a spirit you’d do well to work with!


Thank you for the great insights :smile:

Foras is actually very good at protection. I do not have extensive experience with Foras, but I did call on his aide when I was attacked financially. I walked away squeaky clean and the one who tried on me ended up being investigated for fraud when last I heard.


Thank you for the reply. Very good to hear! I’m glad things worked out for you :slight_smile: