Working with Dra'talon

Yesterday I asked to Dra’talon to hit a target.
I burned the picture of the target and the flame literally ate the picture. The candle flame turned off immediately after the picture got fire.
After the rite I had a wellness sensation, almost euphoric…
Do you think Dra’talon accepted the job I gave to Him?


Sounds like a yes to me, just remember he works very, very slowly, so don’t expect to hear about the mark’s demise any time soon, D will not let a victim die until he’s drawn out as much suffering from them as he can…Its an art form to him.


If a person who fell victim to his attack wanted to defend themself, would it be possible?

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Of course, if a person is aware of his presence any attack can be nullified, and naturally it’s wise to have strong spiritual defenses and allies already in place just in case.

What does it means “very slowly”?
One year?

The time of action is undetermined, it can take the destruction to the enemy at any time, what if it is quantifiable is the radius of action towards the objective because its effects extend over time causing all kinds of problems, complications and setbacks. Destroying our enemy in a slow and agonizing way. It is because of that:
1-The destruction to the enemy in time is not calculable I have seen him kill in 3 Days, 7 Days, 15 days, one month , each objective is different for that reason why do not throw that determination or quantify the moment.
2-Understand this well: Destroying our enemy in a slow and agonizing way is its methodology, remember, slow and agony thus destroys, but this does not determine how it violates the main objective that is death in the objective, that is to say in measurable time to to know with human accuracy because in his power he applies it / death when it most favors him in his work, not by our insistence.
3-Before executing an evil ritual with him, it must be very sure that this is what we really want, since the effects can become unpredictable and without much chance of going back, when the malefic ritual is executed, you have to take it for granted because the results will be indisputable. I have never seen him fail, despite the fact that many claim to have escaped from him, the reality is that how long that happens he doesn’t care, he can follow a goal for years until he takes it out of circulation. When they think they’ve gotten rid of him, it’s when he’s stealthier waiting for the opportunity, and then the grand finale.
4 .- If you take a case in your hands delo for granted, but … understand well the specialty of your office.