Working with different kinds of entities

I’ve seen people on here say that they work with multiple different entities (demons, angels,servitors, lwa, deities, etc.). I’m wanting to do this and wondering if there’s a way I should go about this so my results don’t backfire or they don’t end up working. I want to be respectful about it. I won’t be using different species for one specific purpose but rather a broad range of different purposes that each specializes in.

Also, as far as making altars should I keep all of them seperate? Or can I do it all in one area/table. I also work with ancestors but that’s the only one I know for sure I should keep seperate.

Get a better foundation on understanding your energy, your energy body, basic shielding from parasites both thoughtforms and real entities alike.


I’ve been doing this with some guided meditations and simple energy work/protections. Is there more I should do?

I work with all sorts of entities, but I don’t do devotional altars. That’s something that I find unnecessary for my magick.

If you are afraid of conflict, though, you can always work with demons and angels without giving them their own altars, and just have your ancestral one.


As long as I banish after then I should be fine, correct?

I’ve heard that the lwa and ancestors can be a bit jealous sometimes and cause you to not work with other entities thats why I was a bit paranoid. Thanks for clarifying!

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Well, you should banish regularly anyway, to keep your area clean, but yes. If you don’t want any energies hanging around you should clear the area after your workings.

The LWA can be jealous, but they have approached me to work with them, and haven’t said anything about giving up my current angelic work so it might be more of a religious POV than the actual view of the spirits themselves. You can always ask them though.

You can also work with angels and demons through methods that don’t require banishing or full evocation. The books of the Gallery of Magick, for example, have many methods that don’t require anything beyond a sigil and some words of power so they might be something to look into.


Absolutely. It can be beneficial to work with an be in the presence of different types of energy. For example, Belial told me I should also do some angelic workings to try to keep more balanced, since my practice has a tendency to go dark, shadowy, and baneful, with the energies I work with.

This means that right now, I’m working with demonic, angelic, elemental, and chaotic energies.

This isn’t as bit a concern as it would seem to be. If entities don’t want to work with you (or the timing is off, they have a tendency to let you know this.

This isn’t really a ‘species’ thing. Right entity/entities for the job at hand.

I echo @DarkestKnight, in the sense that I don’t use them. I set up and tear down as needed. If I had a lot of extra room, I may set a VERY small space aside, but not a lot. Why? Because it’s not strictly necessary. It’s a nice to have. If I’m independently wealthy (not likely), I’ll set aside a “fair” amount of space for those I work with most.

In fact, my ritual area doubles as my wand carving area. Which is an old table I’ve repurposed to do projects on.

There is one exception. When I’m doing certain types of shadow work, I use this old card table that I use for other things (rarely). Why? Because I don’t have that type of room on my working table.


I think for the most part, your are correct on this. There are some phases of your development that being exclusive can aid you, as you can focus on what they are teaching you, but I’ve never been exclusive myself.

I do tend to run in phases however where they pop up more without me looking for them.

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