Working with demons

I have send Dantalion on a task with more updates and informations. He tells me that he can and will do my request but it will take a least 3 mouths. Is that normal for a spirit to perform a task?
Is it rude to close the incense right after thanking the spirit? Shall the incense burn out by itself?

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There is no “normal” for how long a spirit will take to complete a task. It all depends on the difficulty level, and the variables involved. Spirits rarely give estimates on how long something will take, so if Dantalion gave you a time frame of at least 3 months, then I would trust him on it.

If the incense is an offering to the spirit, then it should be left to burn out on its own. If it is not an offering, then closing it out is fine.


I used it as an offering and I closed it by myself after I thanked Dantalion and after I closed the main ritual.

In that case, yes, it is a bit rude, as you gave a gift and then took it away.

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I always let the incense burn out. Usually I close ritual just a little before it burns out, but regardless I never put it out. I light the incense for them.

Also, the time depends on your request and agreement with the spirit.

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Does it mean he now won’t do my request?

I first closed the incense after I closed the ritual.

lol I’ve just remembered this is Dantalion you’re talking about! If you seriously didn’t know any better it’s probably fine, he’s pretty great with understanding people new at calling spirits. But like he also has a penchant for fucking over people who ‘lie.’ For example, say here’s this offering and then burn it out or who say they’re going to do something (for him) and then don’t. (I’m not the only one with that view of him, djinn are also known to be a bit like that in general.)

You should be fine, if I were personally in your position I would light him another stick of incense.


I assumed he already departed after I closed the ritual. However, it was also a mistake as I should have done root chakra meditation before closing the ritual which automatically would allow the incense to burn out meanwhile.

It’s not about that. It’s because you gave it as an offering just like @DarkestKnight has already told you.

Unless you do a banishing, the spirits also might stay around longer. And assumptions in magick aren’t always helpful.

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Typically I call the spirit first. Then when they arrive I light the incense for the spirit to have and enjoy. There probably isn’t one right way to do it though.

As far as him telling you three months, trust him and be positive but stay out of his way and don’t poison it with doubt or negative thinking.


I use the incense as an offering in a way to attract the spirit. I then cheers with my chalice to say welcome.

Yes I gave the spirit a task so I could focus on my other important magical workings meanwhile. It was also a mistake by me that I just not sit and meditated to ground myself meanwhile the incense would burn out by itself.

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I do a form of banishing by using the sounds of ringing bell… It’s done in any beginning and end of ritual.

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Without saying and burning the request again? Do spirits cancel the request if they feel offended?

Just as an offering or a gift

The spirit will still do my request despite not saying it this time?

Didn’t you answer this in the OP though? …

If he said he’ll do it, he’ll do it.

However, you’ve now spent a whole 4 days doubting, and doubt kills magick.
I would not recommend redoing a ritual just for putting out the incense that’s not important.
I WOULD recommend redoing a ritual now that you put so much energy into worrying about it not working.


I was encouraging you to simply offer incense since you seemed stressed about it.

But I’m gonna agree with @Mulberry now, just call the spirit again and clear things up.

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It’s not my magick I doubt. He said he will do it before I closed the ritual and putting out the incense after I closed it. I just want to understand how spirits operates because I’m new to evocative magick. When I did the banishing it was after I thanked the spirit and said “go out and manifest my will”.

I did the ritual again here and he agree to do the task. It will take 3 mounths as he said. It feels like he was not offended at all. Maybe it has something to do with me using the bell to close the ritual (as I always do) that it was a signal to him like “we are done here”.