Working with demons when you have children

I would like to understand better the dangers if any of working with demons. I only use GoM books where it’s stated that the magick is safe and now got “Lucifer and the hidden demons” where banishing is not advised.
I try to work in the backyard making sure that the children are on the other side of the house. When the weather allows, I could find a place outdoors far from my house if that’s better. Are these pracautions enough to make sure that my children are not going to be affected in any negative way?

What if I work with a demon to transform myself (that means he’s invited into my life) is this then going to affect my children?

Thanks a lot!

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Honestly demons don’t harm children. Hollywood gave demons and the infernal empire a bad rep. If anything the ones I work with are really protective of my son. My son is sensitive and has seen Azazel but he is never anything scary to him. They won’t try to scar or “possess” children either. From my experience if you set boundaries they will respect it. If your children are sensitive and young and not ready to see or hear. Having areas for just work away from them is a wonderful idea let them come to you when they are ready. There’s a lot you can do to protect them as well. Make boundaries with oils and crystals etc. it is truly what you are comfortable with. So whatever feels best and right to you do it.


I second this! The only issue i have had came from a parasite. And they don’t like to listen anyway. It also happened from not properly setting up boundaries and not being ready to do what I was doing. So it was self induced. Every demon and guide and deity i have worked with properly since then have been nothing but respectful, protective and helpful.


EVery spell, add an additional request that all your immediate family is safe and not affected in any negative way , keeping harm away from family.

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You can dress up your kiddies in cute demon costume as respect to demon and as spectator entertainment. lol Get them involve in the magick learning. Just don’t sacrifice the kids cuz they give you tamper tandrum from misbehaving. haha You see it all the time. Pets wanting to exercise too when your exercising. It’s just like that. =o)

And your panda costume might not be demon’s taste. lol

@Cruella GOM books are very safe. just follow instructions. they have safety in mind when making the magick process steps


I just laughed so hard at this. But I agree with letting them partake if they so choose.

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Bahahahaha damn i thought they were into furrys lmao :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


I’ve never had anything affect my kids, I have 3 kids and my altar is in my room and the kids are in there everyday with no problems.


I interact, evoke, or have them in my environment almost daily. Some are full blown rituals, others just quick callings. Sometimes, they simply show up and it’s time to learn something.

I use my patio and the 12x10 patch of grass in back of the house as my main ritual area. My son’s room is upstairs, right behind me. I’ve also done them in my bedroom. Sometimes, when I’m working with some intense, dark energy, there will be some residual energy I carry through the house. I usually just banish the affected areas.

There are conditions to them being able to come around, which I’ve stated and they’ve agreed to. They can’t bother my family or the pets. That’s it.

Does one of the cats like to meow from the backdoor when I go into ritual - frequently, but she’s doesn’t show signs of fear or getting ready for flight.

You could ward the household from ritual energies and make exceptions for entities you’d like around.


Long as you’re consecrating and banishing properly after rites and not screwing anything up during, everything should be fine.


I now, want, to have kids

How do you set boundries? For now, I’m working with petition ritual from GOM, I still haven’t got to the point of actually working with a demon. But when you do, the first thing you ask them is not to affect your kids? They don’t find it rude?

How do you guys explain your magick activities to your kids?

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I typically don’t. My wife’s an atheist and we agreed to raise him secular, as we had both had religion rammed down our throats growing up. But he still catches glimpses and notices some things.

I made a post last night about him interrupting me while blooding my runes. He asked if it was for Pele, since I pretended my blood offering to her as a way to try to get her to erupt while we were in the Big Island.

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