Working with "deities"

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Lets say in the past for some reason you were driven to a particular deity. You think this deity has lots to do with you, it seems you discovered a gold mine, you do the better you can to approach the deity, you set up a small altar and start doing some offerings, etc, accordingly to your knowledge and material conditions, space, time and money. But along time you start having this weird feeling that something is wrong, as the deity wasn’t interested in what you were doing, no answer, no insights, no solutions, you feel stuck with your magickal work and decide to move on, you take apart the altar. Is there a problem in reusing stuff that once was used with another deity?

I’ve had no issue, just cleanse the item before reuse.
Statues might be different, it depends.


Thanks @anon48957109! I came across with some different opinions, some say it is disrespectful and could end giving “bad luck”.

Ya that’s why I say it can depend on some items.
Had someone ask about an older, wooden statue of an African spirit, they wanted to cleanse it and use it for something unrelated to its origin.

I didn’t feel it was a good idea for that piece. It was obvious there was a spirit living inside it and one that had been there quite a long time.
So if you have a doubt, don’t use it. Remember items are not the most important thing to most spirits.


@Sortiarus Some spirits and deities work in cycles so they won’t technically be the only one you work with. So i say leave the stuff you have for that deity around because they might decide to jump back in at a later time. I Think you just need to so a bit more searching of various mythology ect and the next being you are ment to work with will pop out at you. Your deity might have even given you hints in the form of symbols or correspondances but you missed them, so look back and reflect you may find some clues yourself.


Thanks @kiss-lamia-lilith! Good advice about the cycles! I have noticed something like this, one goes other comes, and vice versa. Maybe it has some complementarity between such deities also.

Honestly I’ve never used any items to comune with deities. I’ve met a few and had actual interaction with a couple.

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How long did it take for u to get results when u worked with a deity for the first time?

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Depends for me I focused on studying first so I researched then practiced so I focused on meditation, astrology, tarot, learning the elements and directions, casting a circle visualisation. Then I decided I wanted to perfect my tarot so that led me to Hekate, and through her Lamia/ceto and Apollo. Approaching Hekate i’d say researching and getting in tune with here energy took me realisticly 2-4 months. About half way through I noticed some signs to continue going.

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Thank you for replying!