Working with Deities and Demons - Why and How?

Before you read my post, keep in mind most of these views are based on my experiences and are not meant to suggest that any beliefs you hold are invalid.

Okay. So, some background - I used to be more or less a nonbeliever when it came to Gods or any being of substantial power as told in books or verbal lore of old. Frankly, I’m still on the fence. I’ve had encounters with spirits, sure, but spirits are nothing more (typically, in my mind) than the souls of the departed. Nothing particularly ‘high level’ aside from perhaps the rare poltergeist. Then again, when I was very young I had some encounters with not so basic, ordinary occurring things. I don’t remember what happened, exactly. I just remember being afraid on a near consistent basis; I wasn’t the only one who experienced or saw things either at that time, and all I have to go on really are the testimonies of my mother and some other people who were there.

So, even though I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to the existence of deities, demons, and the like, I’m also still pretty open minded and interested in learning what I can.

Downside is I’m very guarded and don’t really tend to trust energies outside of my own.

I did have a very positive experience with a being once, though - my initial belief was that it was just a dream but thinking back on it, all the signs that I was Astral Projecting were there. I felt very safe and talked to this being for quite some time. I have very few memories of what was actually said, though. But this experience opened me to the possibility of the existence of higher powers and the possibility of working with them.

I feel like my intuition is the best way to get started with this if I were to choose to pursue it, but I am interested in how some of you might have gotten started with working with deities/spirits/demons, and what experiences you had.

Thank you.

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