Working with Deggal your experiences?

I have been lurking in here a while and just reading and learning all I can. But reading and learning are one thing and actual practice another.

After months of pondering and searching out which spirit to work with first I’ve chosen Deggal.

All accounts so far I’ve read have been nothing but successful and the fact he’s an angel makes me less fearful for a first contact.

I found his Sigil and I’m ready to give this a go, any tips on how to approach this with ppl that have worked with him in the past or ongoing?


Do you have any link about?

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Deggal is a purifying Angel of Light, from Kingdoms of Flame.

He is easy to approach, but I found him to be a bit blinding in the beginning as he literally appeared as a ball of light.

He helps to bring out one’s godliness.


I just typed Deggal into the search bar and found quite allot of interesting accounts of working with him.

He sounds like an ideal candidate and will try contacting him tonight.

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I worked with him in the context of the angelic pathworking for Ascent that EA provides in his book Evoking Eternity. In that working, he is the first angel to be called upon, and asked for his mantle of light, which quickens one’s energetic vibrations.