Working with Dark Goddesses

So I think I have said this in a previous post, but there is a couple I want to break up and I want to Make one of them Come to me. I have tried Forneus but I am not sure if he can do this procedure. Is there any Goddess that could help me fufill my spell but also have a good friendly relationship with?


Lilith, naamah, Hecate, sekhemet

These are some great goddesses that carry a dark side to them.

And their great to work with.


Kali can destroy their world and leave little left behind. :slight_smile:


Now Kali is great and powerful and all but @K.C.Saran wants to make friendly relationship with a spirit, Kali in my experience is a mentor but a destructive force that will bring hardships into your life as a test that’s one reason I didn’t recommend Kali


All dark goddesses do that lol. They want to free you of things that bind you. So there challenges are way of doing that.


Yes but the others that I mentioned normally warn you in a metaphorical sense like " the doorway can’t be sealed " when of course that means trails are being sent your way.

Kali is a lot like Sorath, she’ll fuck your life even make you homeless or loose friends and family.

And When your left in the dirt, they’ll say something like " now you have nothing you can create all you want " or something like " rise in your weakness to strength ".

But Lilith, naamah, Hecate and sekhemet.

Usually give warnings or even tell you that they’ll place obstacles in your path to hurdle over them for you to learn from it.

But as I said @K.C.Saran wants a friendly relationship, Lilith can be erotic and deadly but also can develop close trust and friendful alliances Same goes for Naamah, Hecate isn’t really destructive unless you ask her to be or contact the darker aspect of her.

Sekhemet is more of a traditional being, only helping, giving advice or paving the way etc.

But I know what you’re saying @kiss-lamia-lilith and I agree partly just not all of them do this, most of them do but not all.

Then again each to their own experiences if that’s your experience then for you they are all like it, but for @K.C.Saran it may differ.

Dark goddess doesn’t always mean destructive, the term " dark " means many things for example " evil, forbidden, darkness, lunar, feminine, limitless " etc.


I understand that, and that is a really big reason why I did consider to work with her. But, I’ve seen that she only works better with females and she likes to take more advantage of man. Although, this couple I speak of is Homosexual and So am I. But I don’t know how she will react to that, or if that even has any impact. I’ve just always seen Lilith as the one you go to for extreme measures.

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See that whole thing about her taking advantage of males comes from the dogmatic religious views.

They demonised Lilith as a spirit that would kill infants and rape men, when this isn’t the case but she does have a better connection with feminine energy.

When I as a male approach her I use my dark lunar feminine energy, because she doesn’t like that masculine dominating energy.

And as for her reacting in any way towards you, it doesn’t matter about your sexuality or race or gender spirits aren’t in any way shape or form prejudice.

She will treat you with respect if you treat her with respect.

And as for extreme measures, yes a lot of people go to her for extreme measure but that’s because a part of her is extremely intense.

But not all the time Lilith has what I call " the complex spiritual personalities ".

She can be a " mother figure, lover, sexual partner, sister, friend, monster, teacher ".

She has many sides to her it all depends on the way you approach her.


I am not a dark goddess person typically, but I would recommend Hecate and possibly astarte. Both have proven very effective in Friendly in the past for me.

Yeah when i work with kali it’s pretty much the same. She is only destructive when something is holding me back or i am under attack. I find her to be more protective.


I’ve found the same thing. She’s a very destructive, protector-type Goddess.

i can’t say I’ve worked with any other spirits like that though. Maybe one of these days I’ll work with another dark Goddess.