Working with Dantalion - thoughts?

As I posted in my intro, I discovered Duke Dantalion just over a week ago. Or should I say, he discovered me. I follow a few spiritual/witchcraft/pagan related groups on social media so I think this is how a random post about Dantalion appeared on my timeline but it piqued my interest and I decided to do some more research. After reading a bit more about him, I started to wonder whether we could work together on a relationship issue I have. Once the seed was planted I just started to get the feeling that he was with me and supporting me, before I’d even asked for anything.

I spent the week thinking about it and decided on Friday, the night of the full moon, to write a petition to Dantalion. I offered him my respect and my understanding that people ask a lot of him, so to only help if he was able to and only if it was appropriate. I set out my requests which included freeing me from hurt and pain caused intentionally and unintentionally by my ex, making him feel and understand the hurt and pain he put me through during our break up and to aid bringing us back together once we are both healed but only if it was the right thing for us both. I personally believe he is my soul mate and we had such a wonderful relationship but there were other circumstances that led to him breaking up with me. I believe that he still has feelings for me and there still maybe something there to rekindle in the future.

I included Dantalion’s sigil and enn, then by candlelight I sat and listened to/recited his enn, holding the petition and thinking about my ex (I must admit I shed a few tears while doing this). Once I was done, I folded the petition and put it inside my pillow - mainly because I’d requested signs either in my dreams (where I tend to recognize them best) or in waking life.

Since then I’ve quietly sat and had a cup of tea with Dantalion (I read that he likes tea - something we have in common!) and I have been sending my love and gratitude, as I already feel so much better. The last few months have been really hard but since discovering him, I have noticed a daily improvement in my thinking and feelings.

I should add that in that time and before I wrote the petition, I was suddenly able to let my ex go. Instead of the sadness and anger that had been consuming me, at last I feel calm, happy and positive that everything will be fine, whether we get back together or not. I do feel that this is a combination of my own hard work to heal myself but also with Duke Dantalion’s additional support in recent weeks. I’m hoping that now I’m not obsessing over things, there’s no contact between us and my mind is so much freer, that I can just get on with life and see what happens… Whatever the outcome, hopefully it will be positive! I’ve not suggested any kind of deadline - I’m happy to be patient and let things play out as they must.

The last couple of nights I’ve dreamed of my ex - in the first we were in a professional situation where we couldn’t have a personal conversation but he was acting inappropriately so I made definite eye contact with him (something he struggles with in reality) to communicate my feelings. Last night I dreamed that I was watching a video of him, telling me that he did what he did because he needed time and space to focus on his children and various other things I don’t remember - however the general feeling was a positive one. I felt that he hadn’t intentionally hurt me and that things were not over for us. I feel like those are two quite significant signs that my request is already being dealt with…

I’d be interested to know if anyone has any thoughts on this? It seems very clear to me but don’t want to miss anything!

Love to you all! :sparkling_heart:

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That sounds really good.
I had the same experience with Dantalion, I felt as if I could let go better and better all of a sudden of all the negative feelings after I talked to him.
I also had dreams about me and my ex afterwards…although I don’t know if that was Dantalions work… and I don’t really not what they ment.

But from what I understand, Dantalion helps you to finally make peace with the situation.

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He’s certainly helping me do that! I made another massive step today in letting go… I chose my happiness over being right and making a point (which would likely have just made me unhappy). I believe he is guiding me in the right direction. :blush:

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Last night I had a very clear dream that the petition had worked (I literally thought to myself in the dream, ‘it’s worked!’). I dreamed that my ex and I were talking and attempting to patch things up - there was a recognition that it would tough but a willingness to reconcile.

I feel quite encouraged by this as the dream was so clear and felt like a definite sign. I still think that it will take months… but I’m prepared to wait it out. I’m just interested to see what happens!

can someone help me word my petition? Your input is greatly appreciated…

" WHAT I REALLY WANT : my ex and I have been broken up for 7 months now, and I want her back in my life, she doesn’t have me blocked, but wants nothing to do with me, and she doesn’t trust me…

I would like your input in my written petition for Grand Mighty Duke Dantalion.

Petition for Grand Mighty Duke Dantalion.

I,_____________, with the utmost respect and urgency ask you Great Duke Dantalion in the name of Lightbringer, Lucifer the Morning Star to Interfere, influence, change or remove all of _________'s Negative and undesirable thoughts, ideas, doubts, emotions and blockages that are stopping her from contacting me and preventing us from being together as a couple once again.
I would like to thank you for manifesting my petition in such a short amount of time, ___________ now looks at me the way she did in the beginning when we first met and we contact each other every day, and were planning on moving together.

I, ___________, with the deepest respect, do hereby offer you Dantalion, this offering of weekly blood offering and praise in exchange for (IM STUCK HERE, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO PUT). I re-affirm this pact with you Dantalion, as my most heartfelt desire.”