Working with Dantalion: Help to do a reading

Greetings Everyone,

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I want to mention about my love ritual I performed today to make one of the girl fall in love with me. She’s one of those really good girls whose window of companionship opens for a very short time. I know her for 9 years now. Last time I proposed her in 2007 and a few months after that she was in a relationship for 2 years. Then I proposed her in 2010. Post which she went in to relation which got over recently. I didn’t want to miss her this time. The thing is she gives me all the tell tale signs that she’s interested but whenever I propose her she says I’m a friend and imagining me as anything more is difficult. One of our common friend tells me how she never trusts me as she knows all about every single girl I’ve been with. She thinks of me as a flirt and of someone who can never marry a girl. Last week I proposed her again and she still gave me the same answer.

So I thought of seeking help from Dantalion. Today I’ve done a ritual for him to get this girl fall in love with me. I am truly interested in settling down with this girl and getting married to her. The only huddle I see in my ritual is me. I’m not that good in magic and don’t know if I need to do anything more than this ritual.

Can someone help me about this. Please if you could do a reading for me to see if my today’s ritual was a success and if Dantalion liked my offerings of Cake, Wine, Incense and Purple candle? Also, I want to know if Dantalion will be willing to help me with this and will I be able to successfully get her in my life for good.

I am new to this or let’s say not been able to develop strong skills yet. That’s why I seek help from my extended family here.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Everyone,

just wanted to follow up on this.

I haven’t got much success in this ritual. Things have really been difficult between us now.

A common friend (much closer to her) sprung out of nowhere and offered to help. But last night even she gave discouraging answers.

Please can someone intervene in this for me and help me?

I would really love to learn the reason of my failure and what can I do to make sure the next time the love spell for her is a successful one.


When you complete a ritual you’re supposed to forget about it and give the spirits/energies time to manifest the results without your continued thought presence intervening. Did you do this? Or were you still holding onto getting the results and therefore, was it still on your mind?

Yeah it never left my mind. I continued the topic with a bud here and then with her friend.

I see your point about it.

Yeah it never left my mind. I continued the topic with a bud here and then with her friend.

I see your point about it.[/quote]

That’s why, a lot of people forget the last step which is to emotionally detach yourself from the ritual. This is one of the most important parts of the ritual as it is the end of the ritual, also it’s a declaration of trust in the spirits/energies. You have done the ritual, you have told them what to do, now it’s their time to work. If you keep it on your mind, you interfere with the spirits/energies and their work.

I think Dantalion is messing things up for you, sorry man.

Try a less invasive approach.

Be gentle.

Dantalion is a good guy IME … How you approaching him, That aside, in the Pick Up world they’d say "you’re being clingy"and suffering from "oneitis syndrome"aka “that one special girl” and that shit can fuck yo game real bad .as a bro I’d say Find someother fucker who honours you… On the other hand You should try petitioning aphrodite or anael … My 2 cents.Peace

I think your work should focus on getting her to find you as a man worth being with long-term (husband) rather than getting her to “love” you which would actually be fine if your goals were short-term (infatuation then banging spree) but may backfire on your ass when the glamour fades overtime

I’ve had that game down for me over the years. Trust me, risking to sound a bit crass but I’ve had a number of “bang bang, thank you man”.

You’re right about me being hung up on her. As a matter of fact, I see myself a being clingy as well. But it’s because I’m really looking for a long term with her. (Yes the Marriage stuff)

She’s the only one whome I’ve gone down on one knee for. (Not mushy and conventionally though).

I don’t know man, she and I are looking for the same thing from life; forever and after. But she’snot willing to trust me tthat I am looking for the same thing. Moreover, her friend says she was all over me so many years ago and now things have changed.

Trust for this one I’m spread so thin that I need help to gather myself again.


Still not getting her into your life… Try Lord Sitri. Perform a ritual of Sitri and see if it works.

Like I told you…your approach which is coercive might be causing issues. Maybe you shouldn’t ignore my advice as I’ve actually had work with Dantalion.

Second Dantalion can mess up things unless the magician is experienced.

Did you work with Dantalion, or did someone work with him on your behalf? And can you tell us about the work, if it’s ok to share the details?

He was evoked on my behalf in the method used in the ars goetia

I was taught not to send fiary spirits after strong willed people as they’ll often rebell.

Another reader said he was doing a poor job since the caster was new to the Duke.

Anyway it ended in her leaving me for another man and me cursing him which very much ruined their marriage and a lot of things for her.