Working with daemons

I have 4 children. I like to start working with daemons like Bune, Purson or Paimon to have a better life and give my children what they need and also help them to learn better at school. What is the best daemon i can chose and is it dangerus with the children. Do i have to offer something to the daemons if i ask for help.

Different daemons for different tasks so look around for someone that seems to fullfill your requirements.
As long as the kids aint around and have anything to do with the working they should be fine but then again that depends on what you decide to work with i guess.
As for payment that a yes nothing is for free and it goes with what you asks for, but it may still be something small.

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Plenty of practitioners that work with demons have children, so no, it is not dangerous for them if you know what you’re doing.

As for offerings, there are differing opinions on that so go with whatever you feel is correct.

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Thanks a lot