Working with Belial

Hello Mage Fam. I’ve been working with Belial for a short bit. He’s teaching me to become more in-tune with my intuition, and becoming more influential.

Shortly after I started working with Him I got a job. I thought I was going to start on a production line at a factory on second shift, neither I really wanted. I was willing to accept the position, cause I really needed the job.

I went to Belial last night and thanked him for helping me get the job and asked him to continue working with me being more influential.

This morning was my first morning at this new job. I went in expecting what my temp service told me, that I was going to be working second shift in production. I put on my best fake smile and acted amused as they toured me around the factory.

Another head dude walks up to me, introduces himself to me and tells me he’s interested in my past experience driving a forklift. I told him about my experience operating a hilo, working in a warehouse, ext. He asked me if I’d be interested in working the First shift driving hilo in their warehouse, instead of Second shift on production. HELL YEAH!!!

In short, I owe all this to Belial, the great King of Hell. He has helped me make the first steps to restarting my life. What He has done so far surpasses my expectations of what I thought He was going to do for me. It brings tears to my eyes. I am so incredibly grateful. Thank you, Belial. You are truly powerful and great.


If anyone else has worked with Belial and wants to share some amazing stories, go for it. I’d love to hear all about your awesome experiences.


No success stories, perse, but some interesting things…


That was an awesome story, @levilevi.


I don’t so much have a story as a general observation. For me he laid a trail of bread crumbs over months. Hints and dreams that actually brought me here and always pointing back at him. I didn’t realize it until about a week ago. My first reaction when it all hit was “You mother fucker!” Seriously thought the guy had brushed me off. Nope, he was poking back the whole time.


@Narsonix, He’s given me dreams too. I love working with Him. He’s so powerful. He’s absolutely amazing. I keep thinking to myself, why didn’t I go to Him sooner. I love Him. He’s like my best friend. I talk to Him often, sometimes just to talk to Him. I know He’s with me. I know He’s listening. He teaches me what I want and need to know through my dreams. I have nothing but good things to say about Belial.

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Ok. I’ve been working with Belial on a certain matter I’ve had all my life, that has kept me from succeeding at anything. OMGoodness!! Belial is completely changing my life for the better. He has gone through all my friends and family, and has taken problematic people out of my life. He has made me more influential. He has put great opportunities in front of me. He has even helped me with choosing a new partner. Wow!!! That’s a lot more than I was actually expecting to happen. Wow!!! I’m nearly speechless. Praise Belial!!! Praise Belial!!! Praise Belial!!!

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