Working with Belial , what’s your expierence?

Asking because there’s really only two spirits I’ve worked with because I’m still in kinda a beginner phase and my sense aren’t developed completely yet.

Just wanted to know you’re expeirences.

I’ve read a lot and I like what I hear because I kinda align with him but even when I’ve read about him I’ve never really felt a pull until now.

Something happened at my work and my foreman tried to kinda abuse his power and be grimey about it and fuck me over really bad so that’s why I’m contemplating working with him. I’ll show you a real snake and just laugh at you when your life falls apart completely.

Both my foreman’s are snakes actually but it’s just a temp job for me so I’m gonna stick it out.

Anyway as powerful as he is just want to do my due diligence first.



Did you catch this yet? It has other member’s experiences in, not just my own:

I just evoked him last night for the first time. His was the most intense presence I’ve ever felt.


Work with him often and it will rub off on you.


Yes. I skimmed through some of the replies as well.

The first time I ever worked with Belial; I had gotten in some potentially serious legal trouble and was looking at a year of prison time. While awaiting trial, I was driving home from work one night and was pulled over for speeding (go figure) when the officer ran my drivers license he found that my license had been suspended for an unpaid ticket two years prior (which I was unaware of). Being on probation, and driving with a suspended license was going to mean I would spend at minimum, the night in jail. I immediately begin begging Belial for help (in my head) which was weird because I had never worked with him before and had literally no connection to him. Surprisingly the officer just let me go and told me to get it all sorted out. I went home and evoked Belial right away, I thanked him for his help and asked him to help me get out of the rest of my legal problems. When my court date finally arrived, I was presented with the ultimatum of either spending one year in jail or paying an obscene amount of money. However, the prosecuting officer failed to show up in court that morning, because of a sudden heart attack. All charges were dropped and my record is clean to this day.

Belial delivers, plain and simple, that dude gets s*** done!