Working with Bael?

I’ve recently been felt called by the demonic King Bael. Has anyone on this forum worked with him and been willing to share their experiences with Him?

My experience he feels and looks kinda like draco malfoys dad off harry potter. …but mind you Astaroth looks like jeff hardy the wrestler to me so yea…i think thats just my mind finding away to project them.
Anyway to me on the surface he seems cold and distant too like Luscious Malfoy.
But he actually does and will help you. When he speaks to me it feels like a wise parent or grandparent giving advice and then sitting back to see what you with it.
He seems firm and old school hard. But he does have a gentle side. Anyway thats how my experiences with him seem to be. Hope it helps in some way.


My experience with Bael closely matches Arianna, But he showed up looking more like goliath, two-storeys tall wearing armor and with a all around badass attitude. So my workings with him feel more like one warlord in consultation with another warlord. Right now i’ve found very few spirits that will defend a magician as jealously and sometimes as brutally as bael will. So he’s definitely a good ally to make.


That’s good to know. I’m trying to do some preparatory immersion before I evoke him as that usually makes my evocations go better.

My experience is that he is one of THE most powerful gods out there, a rival that the fake desert troll thing when it existed hated the most and so defamed, his masks of the Frog, Cat, and King, are all important, and he’s also possibly the being (or an aspect of the being) who GM’d humans into existence.

Power, love, benevolence, justice, and action are my keywords for him. :slight_smile:


i’ve evoked King Bael before. and MAN is he a trip. unlike most of you (i think) i blatantly ignore the warnings listed in the Goetia. i like to let the demons do their thing, and because of that i completley understand why Solomon bound him into the brass vessel.

Bael when free to do as he wishes likes to change form repeatedly and RAPIDLY. i have seen him as a 3 headed animalistic figure, as a man with silver hair, a powerful knight, and (to fuck with me) a super hot anime girl.(he even did the voices…sunofabitch)

as for his demeanor, he is awesome. he like to tell jokes, he will speak the truth ALWAYS, even if he’s being funny. do not assume him to be the type that will lie outright.

in terms of power this demon is truly worthy of the title KING. his power rivals that of Lucifuge Rofaclae. he is a great friend to the magician, but do not abuse his friendship. he is a grand demon, and like all who hold the title of King, his anger is not something you want to seek upon yourself.

about a week ago i told Bael of my life’s greatest ambition, to become PHARAOH the God King, but instead of laughing like i thought he would, he respected my goal and set himself to help me achieve it. i have had demons i’ve evoked since then say the words to me: “Bael speaks highly of you”. if that isn’t respect and loyalty i don’t know what is.


Yes i get you on the respect thing. Lillith showed up the other day and offered to help me with a problem …when i asked why she was willing to help me when i have never worked with her…her reply was " you are loyal to Azazel and the infernal empire. That is what makes us willing to help you. I thought it was so cool. She she appeared to me as a beautiful blonde with shoulder length hair that had soft curls. And she seemed very vampiric and was kinda like Selene off Underworld i mean ill say it she wss hot. But anyway. I under stsnd that. Because demons and spirits have helped me and taught me just because of how i have been in my relationship to Azazel :slight_smile:


My experience with Bael was also the same but was seen as a wispy face of smoke

Do you have some thread that You talk about your experience with Bael?