Working with azazel to develop my abilities

So today is day 3 of evoking azazel with the goal of furthering my ability to see, sense & hear spirits. I know physical manifestation isnt a requirement for evocation but eventually id like to get to where i can have perfect communication and really get to learning.

So far my experience has been one that he knows exactly where im at and what i should do to practice. So far its been gazing at his sigil and then thru a black candle flame and writing down what i see, and visualizing black fire all around me and drawing it into myself and cycling it thru my body with each breath.

After i do these for 1 more day, he told me i need to deprive my senses by doing this meditation in complete darkness and silence. Im use to at least having candle light so it makes me nervous, but i want it too bad to chicken out.

Ive noticed when scrying into my obsidian orb that images remain in my mind longer and with more focus. Im sure that in time, as long as im willing to do the legwork i will reach my goal with him. My short experience so far tells me he will teach you, but it requires work on the practitioners end. I sense that itll be a slow build overtime as well but it will be worth all the time i spend