Working with Ares:

Since I decided I want to work with a Pagan God alongside a Demon and an Archangel, I’ve had trouble deciding on one.

I’ve been considering Ares, I find him to be misunderstood and after reading an article on him, I can relate to him to an extent. While reading this Article it felt like Athena whispered to me "Do you want to work with my brother? ". I did have a relationship with her in the past.

So my questions are:

What is it like working with him?
Any warnings?
What personality changes will occur?
Is he aggressive?
Will he mind if I don’t have an Alter?
What would it be like working with him in the long term?
And will he mind me working with other Deities?

Thank you all for your time🌹


You dont need tools. You give them power. Not the other way around.

Sometimes you will have to focus on one spirit. Other times you dont. It not a jealousy thing it has to do with your development. So that depends.

That has to be experienced.

Has to be experienced.



He’s not aggressive, but he’s hot headed.