Working with Andromalius, shax and valefor? How do I do it?

I’ve worked with Andromalius before and definitely like his morals, strength and power. I hate thieves, but I’ll admit I have a desire to steal…funny. I more lean to the hatred of thieves, that’s why I began a relationship with Andromalius, because I’ve had money and items stolen from me and he’s great for punishing them HAIL ANDROMALIUS! However, I am interested in working with shax and valefor. I’ve read on this forum that Andromalius would hate these two.

I like Shax for his ability to bind people to ignore the obvious such as a low offer. I work in real estate and can use this ability to get people to ignore a low offer. I like valefor for his vampiric abilities too, but mostly I like Shax ability. How do I work with Andromalius and keep him happy while working with shax/valefor?

That is more a conflict of yours than of them. Your workings will probably fail because of your own conflicting morals rather than because of the demons fighting each other


That’s right! I actually evoke Andromalius after I posted to figure out. He likes me and has no issue working with a thief like shax if I’m using shax to punish a thief. As an example shax has the ability to make a client overlook an offer being too low. This is great as I work in real estate and sometimes clients get greedy some go as far as to lie as an attempt to steal value.