Working with Ahriman

I’ve watched EA’s video where he did the ritual with Azi Dahaka and was wondering how does a person break into working with the Ahrimanic path or current?

I’ve looked around for any kind of book on the topic and have come up short. I plan on beginning my magickal training with works of darkness but I definitely have an interest in working with Ahriman in the future, does anyone else have experience with this?

E.A. talked on the forum about some of the research and prep he did prior to that evocation in this thread.

I did a lot of work with Ahriman & Azi Dahaka as well that was directly triggered by that video, works that’s ongoing, and I’m not sure if there’s a set procedure (unlike for example beginning grimoire trad. evocation) but doing some research into the history of Ahriman will help.

I also found a lot of the material covered in Michael Ford’s book Gates Of Dozak was useful (and although the images in it lack artistic merit, they do look exactly as I had already, prior to reading it, seen some of the energies and entities involved) though I didn’t follow the kind of pathworking he has set out, and I also managed to track down a copy of the book E.A. talks about in the thread I linked above, " Zurvan: A Zoroastrian Dilemma" by Robert Charles Zaehner in the British Library, and that’s worth reading as well if you can find a copy.

To begin with, you could try simply watching that video a couple of times, with your mind set to be open to any ideas of influences?

Or try asking E.A. on the Q&A forum, he might also have some good siggestions.

If you’re interested in own my experiences from last year, I posted them on here:

18 Days Of Ahriman

The Venom Of Azi Dahaka

I think that Azi Dahaka, especially, approaches people in different ways, and I advise you to get a reading done by a Tarot reader experienced in the ways of black magicians (so they don’t try to moralise you out of it!) before embarking on this because it’s pretty major stuff and not like picking up a grimoire, bidding a demon do a task, and then getting on with your life.

It’ll change you and you need to be sure that change is in your own best interests.

Thank you Eva I have already read the 18 days of Ahriman and am reading through Venom of Azi Dahaka, and ever since I watched EA’s ritual I felt strongly drawn to the current of Ahriman, of course being a complete newbie I have to wonder how much of that was my fascination with the ritual itself, and how much I actually felt that pull to Ahriman, but I find myself watching it over and over every month at least.

I don’t really know anyone who does Tarot readings, I live in a small town in West Virginia and it’s more or less Christian central…there is a woman who operates a small shop that sells occult type supplies, but she has thoroughly denied any connection to magick and says it’s just coincidence, which it likely is but her collection of incense, candles, and statuary of a religious nature would fit just about any spiritual path.

If you can’t find the right reader, you could try doing a reading with the Book Of Fate, I made a tutorial for it on here and there’s a link to a (legal) copy of the Book itself, plus info on how the questions can be modified, here.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you again Eva, I’ve decided after spending much of the day reading and doing some basic research to start with Michael Fords books as well as what I have found through reading and watching EA practice, I shall keep a log of my ritual work and observe what kind of effects I experience.

Ahriman and Azi Dahaka is also the Path, that I have choosen to study and learn from and follow.

This is that Path and Magick, that talks most to my inner me and my heart.

I know for sure, that it is my way to go.

I have the books:

  • Gates of Dozak
  • Drauga (normal edition)
  • Drauga (speciel edition)

Now I am studying the books, and learn from them.

The next thing is to get a lot of tools and things, and other stuffs like incense, powder, oils, Grave Dirt, Human Bone Powder etc. to use in my rituals.

My future drawings will for the most be something, that have to do with Ahriman and Azi Dahaka and what else that will come to my mind.

Krikke that is good to hear I have ordered the same two books as well and they should be arriving tomorrow if I may, and I hope I’m not breaking any rules as I have no affiliation with this website but I placed an order at Luciferian Apotheca which I believe is Fords store or he has an affiliation with?

In any event you can find several items made specifically for working this path, they sell everything you would basically need. I have placed my first order with them and am awaiting the delivery.