Working with Aethyrs

I bought a book by John Desalvo and am currently working the 30th call Tex.It’s got a cd telling you how to pronounce the enochian calls which is good,and how to perform the kabbalistic cross and LBRP.While i was working with it i was meditating on the first Governer’s name (well actually i was saying it out loud),and he corrected me on the right pronunciation.After i said it correctly i felt him right on my left side.I don’t know if it was just me or what but i felt emotionally happy.Other than that nothing really.I do have a question though.When i’m doing the LBRP do i have to use my right forefinger to draw the pentagram?I have a mild case of cerebral palsy in my right hand so this may be problematic.

I believe the reason the LBRP specifies the right hand is because the right hand is generally seen as the projecting hand, while the left is receptive. I don’t use the LBRP myself, so I can’t speak to efficacy of using the left hand to draw the pentagrams.

However, you may want to look into the Aurum Solis’ corresponding banishing ritual, The Setting of the Wards of Adamant (a google search should bring up the details). While similar in many ways, there are some differences, including the replacement of drawing the pentagrams with throwing them forward into the wall of the circle you create. Maybe that would work better for you.

Thanks i’ll look into that.It does make sense for the right hand to generally be seen as the projecting hand if the ritual was created by a right hander which it probably was.But my line of thinking is if that be the case then a left hander such as myself may be able to tweak the ritual just a little to suit his needs.Eh enough of my theorising.Time to put it to the test.