Working with a new deity

So I’m not sure if this is allowed but, I am curious about a deity that I’ve been seeing I’ve read up a lot about him but I’m curious on some ways to really really connect more with him. His name is Anubis. I’m just curious on the best ways to work with him and how to properly build a relationship with him. I’ve received signs from him, and last night I thought I’d say a small prayer to him but as I was every time I said his name my tongue became tingly, and my lips felt as if I put peppermint on them, and it felt like I was no longer laying on the floor but I still was, and there was just a wave of pure calmness. I’m very interested and want to know wats to really grow a relationship and connect it’s him properly and how to really work with Anubis. Thank you.


I’m not sure why you would think this kind of post isn’t allowed, but you’re fine :+1:

I’ve never worked with Anubis, but I know @Empress_Arianna has, so maybe she can direct you.


You can petition him or like a lot of Egyptian magick uses paintings, I’ve personally a lot of experience with Anubis and his race of ‘keepers’ I’ve usually come to contact him by means of evocation a few times and mostly projection to him.


You can use his name in hieroglyphs, or his sigil
like you would use any other sigil, or even a statue of his. He’s pleasant to work with and very protective. I was working exclusively with him for 4 years.


Is it possible that the Litha celebration is actually the celebration of Anubis? For thousands of years Litha was a celebration of the dead and the Gods of Death were celebrated like Ereshkigal and Nergal

As far as I know the ancient Egyptians did not link Litha to Anpu. Egypt had ancient festivals but it was mostly to mark the birth of the Ennead.