Working with a new deck

I recently obtained a my second tarot deck and it has a few cards in the major arcana that I’ve never seen before and doesn’t come with any kind of guide. Should I attempt to work completely off of intuition or should I try to look up the unfamiliar cards first just to help my understanding of them?

What deck is it?

You mean like it has extra major arcana cards? I would think that it has some pictures that would get you some idea what they are about. You can always look up major arcana cards, but I have found some of the popular meanings can be somewhat confusing depending upon the card. (the high priestess and the moon used to really confuse me, well, not anymore.) I used to work off several different sites, but since actually channeling a deck (ok, technically just the court and major arcana cards) I am working on a site of my own for meanings.

The Black Alchemy deck

It has the standard number of cards, I’m pretty sure it just has a couple of different cards in the makor arcana.

Both intuition and reading the book, your intuition helps you align one of the meanings of the card to the question(s).

I’ll do some research before attempting a reading then.

@Velenos it seems that I can’t find these arcana anywhere else. Would you happen to know anything about the black alchemy feck that could help?

What’s the deck?

The Black Alchemy Tarot deck

It never came with a book? often times new kind of decks come with a book and they usually still align with the ‘original’ framework of other tarot like son of pentacles is a new form of knight of pentacles for example.

It never came with a book or any kind of guidr, hence my confusion.

Okay, just checked it, they seem to follow the original framework emperor, empress, moon, etc, however, with a few additions I can’t seem to find :thinking:

Yeah, I heard that it was based on the Rider Waite deck but the new additions definitely threw me off.

Have you tried contacting the author? I know they have a fb page and a contact me thing, maybe they can shed some light on it?

I was just about to do exactly that.

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They were supposed to email me a pdf link that had a guide. They sent it to me after I asked just now.

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Lol success

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