Working the Qliphothic Path

I have started my journey down the Qliphothic path using Asenath Mason’s Qliphotic Meditations and Invocations. So far, I am VERY impressed. I am currently working with Lilith and Samael right now and have had some weird experiences.

Current Experiences with Lilith and Samael:

Yesterday I did the Lilith and Samael invocation and had the weirdest experiences. The first thing that happened was the room became incredibly hot. EXTREMELY hot. And this wasn’t just something i was experiencing, the thermostat registered a 5 degree increase in the room! (I didn’t expect such tangible results so fast).

As the room got warmer i noticed i was feeling weird, almost like i was high. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long, and before i knew it my eyes were closed. The next thing i knew i was in some weird place. I am not sure how to describe it, but it was almost like a meadow? A wide open field, with a lots of trees. It’s night time, the only source of light is the full moon above us.

A figure approaches me, it’s a beautiful women, wearing what appears to be a black silk dress. She has super pale white skin, long black hair. She looks absolutely stunning, and the amount of energy she is projecting outward is insane. I’ve never felt anything quite like it before.

She moves towards me, but it’s less of a walk and more of a gliding across the ground. I feel safe near her, not afraid at all. She takes my hand and walks me over to what appears to be a stone altar? From there she reveals a chalice and makes me drink from it.

That’s when my body turns to FIRE. I am literally burning from the inside out. Fire is pumping through my veins.

next thing i know i am back in my room, absolutely drenched in sweat and breathing hard.

Thing is? It gets even weirder. Cause when I go take a nap, i am pulled out of my body and in front of me this time is a man. Tall, muscular, with short blonde hair.

He is holding a trident (why? is this normal?) and shirtless. He walks over to me, and as he approaches i lose my ability to move. Like I am being held in place.

He then says “Submit. Submit yourself to your desires. You know what you want, the only way to free yourself is to submit”.

So I agreed, and submitted. I, once again, feel my entire body start to heat up but this time i feel a surge of kundalini activity.

Safe to say ill be doing this again soon! This was absolutely amazing.

Anyone else experience something like this? Also why was he holding a trident? does that mean something?


Wow what an experience! I can’t speak for the context of your situation but tridents are considered divine symbols.


The fire thing may be a sign that you’ll soon go through a trial of fire to be initiated. Won’t reveal too much, so you can confirm (without outside suggestion) whether or not that path is indeed the one they seem to make you want to walk. I’ll keep an eye on your updates!


Samael’s sigil includes a trident…?



I had a second encounter with Samael, I asked if he could help me overcome my fears and inhibitions (which he did), afterwards he gave me a task.

The task is to bring 6 people to a desert like area and do an evocation with him.

Working on this right now! Super excited :smiley: