Working the Qliphothic Path

I have started my journey down the Qliphothic path using Asenath Mason’s Qliphotic Meditations and Invocations. So far, I am VERY impressed. I am currently working with Lilith and Samael right now and have had some weird experiences.

Current Experiences with Lilith and Samael:

Yesterday I did the Lilith and Samael invocation and had the weirdest experiences. The first thing that happened was the room became incredibly hot. EXTREMELY hot. And this wasn’t just something i was experiencing, the thermostat registered a 5 degree increase in the room! (I didn’t expect such tangible results so fast).

As the room got warmer i noticed i was feeling weird, almost like i was high. I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long, and before i knew it my eyes were closed. The next thing i knew i was in some weird place. I am not sure how to describe it, but it was almost like a meadow? A wide open field, with a lots of trees. It’s night time, the only source of light is the full moon above us.

A figure approaches me, it’s a beautiful women, wearing what appears to be a black silk dress. She has super pale white skin, long black hair. She looks absolutely stunning, and the amount of energy she is projecting outward is insane. I’ve never felt anything quite like it before.

She moves towards me, but it’s less of a walk and more of a gliding across the ground. I feel safe near her, not afraid at all. She takes my hand and walks me over to what appears to be a stone altar? From there she reveals a chalice and makes me drink from it.

That’s when my body turns to FIRE. I am literally burning from the inside out. Fire is pumping through my veins.

next thing i know i am back in my room, absolutely drenched in sweat and breathing hard.

Thing is? It gets even weirder. Cause when I go take a nap, i am pulled out of my body and in front of me this time is a man. Tall, muscular, with short blonde hair.

He is holding a trident (why? is this normal?) and shirtless. He walks over to me, and as he approaches i lose my ability to move. Like I am being held in place.

He then says “Submit. Submit yourself to your desires. You know what you want, the only way to free yourself is to submit”.

So I agreed, and submitted. I, once again, feel my entire body start to heat up but this time i feel a surge of kundalini activity.

Safe to say ill be doing this again soon! This was absolutely amazing.

Anyone else experience something like this? Also why was he holding a trident? does that mean something?


Wow what an experience! I can’t speak for the context of your situation but tridents are considered divine symbols.


The fire thing may be a sign that you’ll soon go through a trial of fire to be initiated. Won’t reveal too much, so you can confirm (without outside suggestion) whether or not that path is indeed the one they seem to make you want to walk. I’ll keep an eye on your updates!


Samael’s sigil includes a trident…?



I had a second encounter with Samael, I asked if he could help me overcome my fears and inhibitions (which he did), afterwards he gave me a task.

The task is to bring 6 people to a desert like area and do an evocation with him.

Working on this right now! Super excited :smiley:

NEW UPDATE: Lilith came to me.

So this is a bit interesting (and very exciting). FIRST, some quick backstory…

A while back, when i first started working on this path, a succubus showed up and started communicating with me, especially while i meditated. I didn’t mind this as she seemed friendly, and didn’t seem to be leaching my energy or anything, except when i consented to it.

During this time she kept pushing me to explore the Qliphothic path, in particular invoking Lilith. I originally didn’t think anything of this, i already kinda had this feeling that universe was telling me something, the pull i had to Lilith kept getting stronger and stronger. So i kept working with her Enn and sigil to see what would happen.


Lilith came to me. She told me she had been watching me for some time. I felt her presence, i heard her voice, i could see her there. As real as anything else in my room. It was such an intense experience, i don’t even know how to describe it!!

Lilith told me that she sent the succubus to guide me to her and aid me in my journey, now that she felt i was ready for more she would take over guiding and protecting me. Her tasks are simple:

  • I am to evoke her every Friday
  • I am to bring an offering that she requests to each evocation.

She also said she would aid me in my journey through the Qliphothic path, and made a comment about how i need to open my senses more “you are blinding yourself”. At which point she touched my forehead and my entire body started vibrating with electric, fiery energy.

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I hope to take a vacation to the underworld one day of course but damn that was a awesome experience. Have fun on your next experiences.

Okay some weird shit, but here we go:

I’ve been working with Lilith, Naamah, Samael, and as of recently Lucifer (Lilith took me too him).

Now, I am used to Lilith calling me Daughter but recently during my work Naamah has called me “The Daughter of Lucifer and Lilith” and both of them repeat this and confirm it.

When I asked directly i was told:

Daughter of Lucifer and Lilith.

Both male and female.

Both water and fire.

Both Goddess and Demon.

You are balance.

Further dreams and visions i’ve gotten include:

Lilith in her half-serpent form guiding me through a field to a tree and asking me to take a bite of the apple. Telling me i probably wasn’t ready, but would i dare? (of course I did it). After taking the bite the entire place shifted… From day to night, from beautiful trees to dead trees. From a field of grass to dirt and twigs.

I was guided to her cave where she took me through multiple maze like tunnels and eventually through some “door” (not really a door more like a black void). Once i was through there was lucifer standing in front of a set of stairs which lead up a throne.

He was leaning on a sword, silver with a gold handle and some weird gems in it. He asked if I was ready, i said yes and he had me drink from a chalice. The liquid was PITCH BLACK. So black, not single ounce of light reflected of its surface.

It wasn’t warm or cold. But it was thicker than syrup.

I drank it and felt it flowing through my veins. I felt like I was dying/suffocating.

That’s when everything went black. I was nothing? I was no where? idk how to describe it. It felt like i was in that place (void?) forever. I had no concept of time or anything.

When I came back I was back in the forest, under the full moon. Laying naked in a flaming 11 pointed star. With Naamah, Lilith, Samael, and Lucifer standing around me.

They were saying some shit i don’t remember/understand and then my body burst into flames.

This is when i woke up. Sweating and out of breath.

since this day, I have been a very different person. I have insane levels of confidence and energy i’ve never had before in my life. I feel empowered and my ritual work seems to be empowered too.

When I’ve worked with Lilith since, she’s told me the “Qliphothic current runs through my veins”, and further told me to stop doubting myself and being her daughter.

That said, i still don’t know if I should take that as a literal “i am the daughter of lilith and lucifer” or as a metaphor? they keep implying it’s literal, but wont give me clear answers…


How do you do your invocations?just meditations?do you use mantras… incenses?

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I am following Asenath Mason’s book Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations. The only modifcation i make is to play each entities Enn while doing the invocation.

Lilith, Naamah, Agrat, and Eisheth have all appeared to me in either dreams or meditation even when i wasn’t doing ritual work. They seem to have a thing for me.

I’ve also been cleansing and banish and using various wards, so i am fairly confident nothing is messing with me. (I’ve also used The Omniplanar Fortification of Abaddon and some other personal shielding).

The most recent encounter with Eisheth Zenunim was interesting, she was very helpful and nice to me. Carried a playful and teasing energy. She said that she’d help and in return all she asked for was me to commit to her and follow her instructions to a ‘T’.

After that she drew her sigil into my left shoulder and told me to get it marked for real.

The sigil looks different than what i’ve seen posted else where tho.

All i can say for sure is that my life has seriously improved since i started working with these 4. Massive changes in my personality and confidence, but also just overall life.

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last night i had a dream of this sigil, I am going to ask Eisheth if she sent it to me or if something else did. Anyone recognize it?

Quick updates:
Lilith, Eisheth Zenunim, and Lucifer all told me to draw their sigils on myself. Lucifer on my right shoulder, Eisheth Zenunim on my left, and Lilith on my chest.

For now, all i can say is holy shit is that an intense feeling. I could feel their energies coursing through me. I’ll update more on this as I am allowed to.

I also got called out by Eisheth last night. She showed up as i was going to bed and called me out, told me my Ego was my problem and why i keep getting in trouble. She demanded I do proper shadow work and integrate my shadow self so i can stop being egotistical. Then she offered to assist in this process.

She really gives me that older sister vibe. She’s playful and teasy and fun, but wiling to call me out on bullshit and push me to do the things i don’t want to. I really like her.

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Shadow work important piece of advice

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Quick update: Hecate came to me in a dream and asked me to reach out to her, so i did.

As i started the work, i was suddenly in this forest with a long and winding path. There was a light mist all throughout, partially obscuring my vision. There in front of me stood Hecate, she was stunning. She beckoned me forward and lead me down the path, towards a well.

The well had weird symbols etched in it, but i don’t remember what they look like. She instructed me to take a bucket and drop it down this well To fetch water. After pulling it up, she took a chalice, filled it with the water and told me to drink it.

I drank it, and was suddenly transported elsewhere? Into some past life memory? It was a mind fuck.

Once i was back in front Hecate, she told me that the path ahead can only be traversed alone, and if i felt i was ready i could walk it.

As i walk down the path the atmosphere changes, the fog gets dense and the air gets super moist. I can here thunder and see lightning above me.

The path narrows more and more, all that’s infront of me now is darkness and a dead tree. In front of the tree is a sword, sticking out of the ground. As I try to take the sword. I notice this GIANT yellow eyeball next to me. It’s the only thing i can in the abyss of darkness.

That’s when i hear a booming voice “You are not ready, come back when you are ready to handle this”.

Then i woke up in my body.

Wtf was that shit?