Working on ex / love - which is more effective - ones own self or the other person?

Hi all
I was reading a lot about the various techniques most use in terms of working on love / getting your ex etc and most of the posts on the relevant methods used
That leads to me to the two broad categories
1, Evoking angels / demons / spirits etc to bend theother pserons will / induce more love / rekindle love / reconcile / develop lust and various other concepts similar to these - They have been effective and there are several examples and this forum stands testament to the success stories of many of them who have used various demons / angels that have been used to get their love back / reconcile / find new love / sex partners etc
At the same time there are quite a few examples and posts which speak of the negatives of love rituals and how they have been counter-productive in several cases.
So that puts the question of the success and failure rates of this category
2. The second category would broadly be working on ones own self - several rituals written by damon brand whitespire corwin etc have been made for specific purposes such as removing negativity. inreasing self confidence, get noticed, become more attractive, increasing energy levels, cord cutting rituals, road openers etc
I also think Law of attraction and manifesting can be included in this category.
Manifesting and LOA has been known to be effective in getting your desires if done in the proper way
So that brings us to a combination of self improvement rituals, protection rituals, manifestation, meditation, maybe the ho,’ oponopono technique,
So my questions are:

  1. which of these two broad categories is considered to have a higher success rate when it comes to relationships. I understand it depends on the person who is doing it and the intent and purpose. I also understand that it may depend on the situation that one may choose one method over the other but on a broader perspective??
  2. The other question i have is - with so much talk about LOA and manifesting desires, how successful is it in the real world
    I read about scientific evidence for the LOA bit and there are several papers in psychology journals etc which talk about it. They report a
    0.1 % success rate with practioners of this technique
    So how successful is it in reality .
    Most will agree with the fact that when you are practising manifesting the desire you are actually believing that it has happened but in reality if it doesnt work / things go the opposite way , i am sure that person will get into a far greater depression than he ever felt especially with such strong feelings
    What is the opinion of everyone in this forum . Looking forward to your thoughts on the above mentioned topic

Though it’s impossible to claim anything for certain, in my opinion, the second category likely has a higher success rate. Most love spells seem to be done more out of the need to possess the other person, as if they were an object, than any real love or consideration for them. Selfish motives do not make for lasting relationships, and forcing your will on someone may make them love you, but that doesn’t mean they will stay with you.

By LOA, I assume you are talking about the “Law of Attraction,” but Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption actually has a considerable success rate, if the experiences that people report on sites like reddit are true. Higher than most magick rituals, in fact. The most difficult part for most people in practicing it, however, is ignoring the external world in favour of the internal one. We prefer to believe in what is outside of us instead of what is inside of us and truthfully, no one wants to accept total responsibility for their life. It’s much easier to hand it over to an external force like a demon, angel, or god, than it is to accept that it is your own consciousness that is responsible for creating your experiences.

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thanks for your reply. i understand what u mean
So looks like working with ones own self with magick has produced more consistent and successful results ?

And it is true that law of assumption is quite hard to practice in the real world considering how impatient we are and our racing minds.
I assume that law of attraction and the law of assumption have similarities in them and are there different techniques to practise them ?

LOA works but you have to believe in it and not to do it while you have limiting beliefs. Look up Dylan James youtube channel, under the Live tab he has loads of info an he combines psychology too when he explains stuff. I think his is the best LOA channel out there as he is very intelligent and gets into the depth of things whereas others just regurgitate Neville books.
If your self-concept is in order LOA can work with you saying something as simple as: ‘I will have that phone call by 5pm today’ and leave it to that. I had many manifestations like that and these days for most things all I have is to think about it briefly and it comes… I had a message from an old friend whom I had not spoken with in 5 years after briefly thinking about it 2-3 times for a second over a few days. I had work laptop breaking down so I did not have to work prior to a holiday only by wishing it briefly the day before. LOA does work.

For Law of assumption look up Neville Goddard , for Law of attraction Abraham Hicks, they are different philosophies but to me there is hardly any difference, they both work with BELIEF and having FAITH.
Also look up Joseph Murphy.