Working on Energy Blasts. Seriously

What good is a living good if he can’t throw down a decent Kamehameha blast now and then? I’m working on it. Still in the early stages, but I thought I’d present the approach I’m taking.

The reason this is in Soul Travel is because perceptual scaling is an effective means of travel. So lets scale downwards. Instead jumping around the multiverse like a tourist, the focus will be on traveling around your immediate environment. Seems to me there’s a lot more practical applications to this.

My weapon of choice is always focused attention. My aim is to compress that attention into something dense enough to bludgeon someone with. I did something once out of desperation while locked in dream combat on night, against someone who’s ass I was dead set on kicking. I became a spike of energy and went at them with literally everything I had. I put all of myself into that attack, and it was super effective. This is what I’m aiming to recreate.

Basic Structure
I’m basing this on the exercise of moving awareness through out your body. You focus your attention on a part of your body, and become aware of… something you weren’t aware of before. I plan to build on this until I can move that sensation not only around my body, but project it outside of my body with enough force to blast apart rocks.

Powering Up.
When focusing on moving awareness through your body, you can focus on a small area, or you can focus on a larger general area (again with the scaling!). I’ve been trying to condense as much large scale focus into a single point on my body as I can possibly manage.

The increases in power are noticeable through the accompanying physical sensations they produce. From twitches to spasms all the way into what I assume is the more unpleasant spectrum of “the vibrations”. All localized to the area I’m currently focused on, which I can move around at will.

One thing I’ve noticed is when you “increase your power level”, it’s self sustaining. It doesn’t requires constant effort to maintain that level of… whatever it is you’ve got going on there.

Moving it
I want to be able to move this concentration with enough force to strike. Now maybe it’s just me, but I’m finding I have to learn to handle the higher power levels. Just because I can zip my awareness around quickly at low starting levels doesn’t mean I can do so with higher levels. I can eventually, but I have to learn to handle it first. Need more practice.

Moving outside the self
Getting a good feel for on or even in your body is pretty easy. Outside of it, not so much. A static location like the crown chakra isn’t so bad, but personally I’m finding very difficult to get the same ease of movement on the outside as I do on the inside.

I’m also having trouble with “push” attacks, like the classic Kamehameha. Having trouble getting anything out that way with the oomph of a punch. *EDIT: Actually, imagining a drawn bow seems to be working pretty good.

So far, I’ve had the best success picking a certain point on my body and pushing out from there. I don’t know if the crown chakra actually exists, but the idea of a crown chakra makes it an easy “go to” location.

After some messing around, I had some decent success using a whipping motion launching from the middle of my forehead. It allows me to get out a decent distance, with a good amount of force, and remains pretty stable for the required duration.

I tend to think my success with the whip technique is that is uses momentum, which is an effective tool for moving awareness. Going out on a limb here, but if you pal around any type of entities, think of all the times you’ve been thrown, tossed, tumbled, pulled into. Those forced transitions all use momentum. For that reason I think Krillin’s spinning disk attack has some serious potential.

Physical application
I’ve been practicing this while in a pretty decent meditative state, but obviously I’d like to be able to do this at will anytime. My preliminary attempts have been like someone picking up a game controller for the first time. I keep trying to make they whipping with my eyes or by moving my head.

Still working on this part . Need more practice.

In a nutshell, short distance soul travel with some punch.

this is REAL. i do it all the time brother.

i get in more than my fair share of astral battles. in my experience i have several astral weapons (mostly swords) to channel my power through.

at some point i may swing my sword and a lazer could come out, a thunder storm could come out, hell with a swing of my sword i could open a gateway to the abyss and let the lake of fire explode in all directions.

if you project yourself under the mindset that you have no fear and there is no limit to your power, you can run around the astral like fucking GOKU from dragonball or motherfucking “one punch man”. just be ready for the fact that you might not be the only one.

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He’s talking about manifesting onto reality, not on the Astral.

Yeah, if I can’t knock someone down, at the very least I’m hoping to give my PK skills a boost.

I am fully supportive of your technique. It sounds like you put a lot of thought and intuition into it. I sincerely hope that you succeed.

Practicing this for a few days has had a MAJOR effect on my dreams. Falling asleep really fast, into a stable lucid dream. Was not expecting that, but I’ll take it!

i guess i misread… but he DID post this in the soul travel section, so i was confused.

glad i’m not the only one working on this kind of thing and your method is pretty interesting too, good luck and keep at it.

I’m thinking I might be able to use this for levitation as well. Instead of trying to concentrate that awareness down to a small point, I’m also working on enlarging it to encompass my whole body. Then instead of trying to move my body, I can just move that awareness.

Still having trouble making a powerful small point for the energy blasts. Sometimes I can get it really strong, to the point where my body is twitching and spasming in the area I focus on. Just can’t do it regularly.
More practice…

-My speed has increased incredibly with low power levels. I’m really amazed and what a difference my practice has made.

-Spinning energy hasn’t been working. Maintaining the spin just feels weird.

-Found a good way to concentrate awareness. I have a spot on the tip of my index finger where I had a wart as a child, and I have no feeling there. I can use that spot to focus and really concentrate my awareness.

Getting to the point where I’m going to practice on a psi wheel, try to blast that.

While doing some physical exercise today, the neighbor’s dog was barking right at me through the wall. Seemed like a good target to practice on. I concentrated my awareness in my finger and tried to hit the dog with it through the wall, and I made it yelp in response to my hits!

This sounds like you are learning to manipulate your Chi energy. Qui Gong does this and there are people out there manipulating the physical with their Chi energy. Some people are able to throw it out like you say. I’m interested in this topic very much as well.

Learning to control Chi energy through occult methods is a VERY interesting concept!

I mentioned to someone else that Raphael may be a good source of info since he is a healer that deals with life energy.
I haven’t tried him yet but I intend to. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!

For over a year I practiced a very similar technique. Only I placed my hand against a concrete wall and pushed against it. What I learned was that the harsher I exerted physical force, the more I was actually damaged my physical body. Though I did learn to direct actual “energy” in my body through physical motion and then direct that into the physical wall causing it to shake. That I considered a feat to make such a wall even wobble slightly. That practice actually caused a spontaneous awakening for me. An angel appeared invisibly in my mind and showed me my wrist joints under a microscopic view. I saw myself crushing the life essence of my own joints. Then I saw myself as an old man in miserable pain. So I stopped that expression of the technique.

However, I continued to practice summoning the will to do so and that is where how I learned to develop a type of fire energy. That energy is like a form of determination. So, try this… Go outside, and call forth your confidence. Imagine a space near you which is a special place your consciousness has authorized for a specific ally to appear. Now don’t worry about that space but allow your unconsciousness to work. Then FEEL inside of yourself, “red chi”.

If you’ve actually tried this and were actually about it… leme know what you felt and saw inside afterwards. The question isn’t learning how to do a kamahawhatever… the question is learning of that which the energy interacts and how. So first try that tech but don’t blow it out… Consider that I just handed you a very thin piece of glass. Treat that shit with care and you WILL will untold power into your insignificant human individual body! >;p

I was talking with someone about chinese internal martial arts regarding chi. Each person is born in a certain configuration physically and energetically. Thjs accounts for things like people having gifts, to being able to be functionally normal in mundane society. Anyway he was talking about some of the higher end styles which require you to make energetic internal changes which actually “wear out your body” the more you do this stuff, which includes magick by the way. Some of these styles are more dangerous to most as the internal energetic changes made would hurt certain internal organs. Just raising this idea so be careful anyone of your health.

Then there’s the issue of actually changing the chemical dynamic inside your brain from exerting extreme emotional releases through the self to compel spontaneous power. Ever summoned finality into your body to practice a fatal strike? Can have an effect on the heart if you let yourself go. I’ve almost blacked out many times releasing myself from my body practicing a flurry of strikes. There’s many manifestations of ‘energetic blasts’. Better to practice these things from the inner inspiration of your own solitary spirit. Truly, then you will feel more incredible sensation as you are utilizing that which you are naturally adaptive to.

Made one unsuccessful attempt to move the ol’ psy-wheel. I’ll get it yet. )I swear I was making it move pretty good once before)

So anyways, I forgot about this for awhile, then started doing it again. I noticed a change in the quality of what I’m moving around. Previously, I could move attention around without feeling any physical sensations. I could force physical sensations, but they areas the were occurring in were vague and undefined.

Also, I could never actually feel my middle toes before. I could send my attention out into all my other toes and feel something, but for the middle one it was like reaching out blindly into space.

Now when I move my awareness around, in the area of my focus I can feel in extreme detail every contour and hair of my skin, under my skin and deep into the muscle. I can feel my middle toe now, as well as other areas that were a bit difficult to get good sensation our of in my previous attempts.