Working on a candle spell for motivation ideas are appreciated

You guys think candle magick for a motivation spell should work well?

Also leave ideas down below :wink:

Depends on the route you wanna go.
If you wanna go straight elemental you can use fire and earth to create a motivation and ground it in the body or to create a foundation of motivators via volcanic burst by mixing the 2 with air. If using the latter be ready for a wild ride lol.

You could use evoke mars and venus to raise passion and drive toward the goal of the spell.

Or combine them. Be aware of possible volatility of manifestations if you chose yo do so as all can be potent on their own.

As an extra kick you could use fire and air to banish obsticales,stagnation, sloth ect to creat a ritual vacuum your spell will move in to fill.

I was thinking of using fire to fuel the motivation and then using mercury to carry out that motivation and then now that you mention it I should add earth to the mix
since it’s an earthly desire.

The way i see it earth helps to ground the manifestion of the ritual here. Creating vacuums that you can then fill has a similar effect if yiu arnt tryin to incorporate the elements.

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