Working against Islam

I would love to join. Islam and muslims destroyed me and my family. Unfortunately I am caught in something important until end of may I would not have time to dedicate to this.


I was also thinking of spells and evocations so non-Muslims will get there eyes opened and that Muslims will see what kind of horrific shit they adhere and love due to indoctrination. Something to raise consciousness


Zam, you know i apriciate your views.

But trust me, they allready know.

The issue isn’t laid in the words here.

There will be much work of cleaning and rebuilding.

-after the destruction took place.

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Pm me and I will go through my id with you and what Yberioth and I talk about. Don’t want different individuals acting towards the same goal but flying solo but to unite in the same working.


You can do energy work on them. Grab the energy that they output when they pray You have the advantage to know exactly when they do it because of the call to prayer. Just grab it and redirect it to something/someone else like a demon for ex. Then you can do thoughtforms and program them to feed on their prayers energy and do something with it. Are so many “nice” things you can do…is just you need time and energy to do it…

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Just a friendly reminder this is still in affect.

So everyone be careful of what you post here, think you.
Islam will never have any kind of reformation with so many useful idiots in total denial that there is a problem.
This has been gone over a lot in here

And here

The facilitators of the problem are cultural marxism/social justice and millions of well meaning but dangerously naive people. Deal with that and most of the other problem will end much sooner.


Thank you Charles,
I also agree, that These stuff doesn’t belong to Balg,
or Become a living God AT ALL.

It’s been very clearly, that certain Tools and mechanics aren’t seen gently here.

But especially this case - activly accusing a Religion or race directly, is indeed not a good Thing here.
Sadly we also can’t mention to open Gates, what is ment exactly.
But as far as i heard,
Sorath, may help anyone who really WANTS to know,
why there is a bigger Job then just the ascention of self on Hand.

However that, anyways, is the SECOND step,
AFTER ascend has allready brought the intended Goals.

Which again, clearly goes away from Left Hand / Balg.

Since i’ve allready been warned to Keep track of my behaviors,
Zamael, please also Keep the tight’s short around here.


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Their faith forbids that so if anyone claiming to done or do that are regarded as liers or that Shaitaan is misleading them. Islam has a lot of failsafes ^^

I dont really see how writing about spiritual warfare is against the rules and if we keep it like that :slight_smile:

And if any muslims see this and feel offended they can start cleaning there house from there religious siblings blowing themself up… We have a saying in Sweden, “dont throw rocks when sitting in a glasshouse.” If they feel that it is hard when someone dislike there religion because of facts, they can either change religion or changer and tidy up all the fucked up shit or be quite. I dont like when they blow people up and they doesnt care about that being offending to me so why oh why should I care if they get offended? Also I live in a secular country, religion is a hobby you can practise on your spare time and it has no value what so ever around others. The second they start giving voice to their religion it is my right by law to say what the hell I want :slight_smile: If religious people start having their voices heard here and we back down thats the time this forum is no longer LHP but RHP.


I believe E.A. made a video a while back criticising ALL the Abrahamic faiths, so IMO this is within the bounds and concept provided 1. specific individuals and 2. specific groups, such as “X mosque” or whatever, are not named.

National laws vary, so just exercise common sense.

A massive “HELL YEAH” to this - people want to be Muslim in traditionally Muslim lands, go to it and good luck! But the civilsation jihad currently facilitated by the media and the warmongers, and every dumb bitch or cuckboi trying to score merit points by crying about the poor things needing to come live in Europe & north America (which is, ironically, fucking “racist” insofar as admitting they need to take the fruits of our civilation & culture, because they can’t ever make their own) can fuck right off my planet.


Our feelings one way or the other are irrelevant, rules are rules, i just put that up in hopes that nobody will be banned for being overly zealous in what they post, i like all you crazy bastards too much to see that happen.:grinning:

With that being said…FUCK ALL Abrahamic religions , especially the one of piss.:smiling_imp:


I seriously agree! These brainwashed ingrates will never give up their dominating violent ways they enjoy the evils too much. They enjoy being able to have 4 wives and treat them like shit, that’s what it is.
Two things that must be done.

  1. Assist Arab ex muslem so they won’t feel as if they are going it alone.
  2. Raise awareness amongst non muslem about the dangers and evils of Islam so they stop ignorantly supporting their own demise.

Exactly. Here in Sweden they come here because they know we have a really really good wellfare system taking care of people who cant make it by themselfs; then they complain about our land and that there religion cant take more space; demands in workplace to pray, cant have certain clothes etc. In a workplace you are there to do a job not to practise your religion, your religion is a hobby, what magic and yoga is for me and I practise that in my home. If their religion is so fucking awesum why do they need to come here when their countries fail? Where is their superb religion then saving them. Islam is like locust going from place to place absorning resurses and taking breakthroughs we made without religion and then say they came up with the idea. In their religion they cant say that those who are blowing shit up is kufar because then they are out of the religion for saying this so they MUST defend their brothers and sisters fucking shit up.

When the attack happened in France I wrote to ALL the big mosques here in Sweden saying that they need to go out and condemning this, guess how many that did that? It rhimes with “not a hero”


:neutral_face: … but … but :frowning: … but?! :anguished: …what is about the war?

Just kidding, i was thinking about the majors speech recently:


“Why?” You may ask. ~Here some reasons:

Those people are far from culture (islam is NON),
And islam destroys every pre-islam-invasion culture

Those people are FAR from education, because all you need are the koran or the teachings of mohamed. ~with that shitty language this waste of paper is written learn SOME of the people to read and write. >Those books say itsself that it is the one and only book you will ever need!

~The germans are like the opposite to those…

In islamic ruled countries have woman maybe made it through the elementary school.
~And the men are not better.

And even if those people are not infected with islam, to live under such circumstances make the people very unwilling and unable to learn anything.

An example for that was brought as a side note in a speech from an german soldier.

>What he mentioned was basicly, that those people are not very creative in their ideas and are not willing to get teached more than 15 minutes per day.

Their IQ is pretty fucking low.


One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
Never more horror nor worse of days
In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel.- Nostradamus

I don’t think much of old Michel or his quatrains but i like it.
In fact i like it so much i’m working to make it a reality (more so then it already is).
I will be adding my own spin on it of course, inverting it and all.
So it will be the infernal Gods of Hermann, Vercingetorix and Boudica that will be reborn…

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ask uriel, he would probably like it… D:

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really sorry to bring it up again
and be the bad guy about it,
but just reading book of Azazel from E.A.
He stated:

I just mean, on one Hand i understand, we all seek Liberation, from the beginning of our life.
On the other Hand, 'Embrace your birthright, and racism aren’t the same,
just wanted to make that clear.

Raphael then relayed to me the stories of old; how he smote Azazel in the past. “His grasp on you is too tight. I’m sorry, but you must embrace your birthright.” Before I could dismiss him he left. The light was no longer, and I was alone with Him once more[/quote]

First: Islam is not a race, so don’t bring up such bullshit again as a pseudo-argument.

Second: For the long run would it be wise to erase such a time bomb.

Third: The creation of an “empire” would be slowed down if started in islamistic domination.
-And if you are interested in changing the world for the better: destroy islam,
one way or another -> by twisting their minds in a better direction, or by making them destroy themselves.

I don’t need pseudo liberals with their dream of tyranny.

Islam is poison, and poison is not like salt -poison is somthing you do not want in any amount.

This problem that islam has created is not an invention by islam.
-I would say the same thing if christians would have around the same majority of fundamentalists. “Why is fudamentalism a problem at all?”

~Because their “”"“holy”""-books are horrible bullshit.
Those texts are if taken literally (thats what fundamentalists do) the enemy of any freedom and everyone on the left hand path.

A few people will may say: “My neighboor is a muslim, and hasn’t raped me for not walking around with a burqa.” He is not a fudamentalist. He is not part of the problem.

If you work on a problem you have to ignore the parts which do function,
because the task is to fix the parts which do not work. (Logick.)
[And those soft-muslims are a minority in islam anyway.]

If you are working on solving a problem, you do not watch out for other problems,
because you don’t want selfsabotaging yourself. You want to get this done.
And you wouldn’t solve a single problem if your are allways up to watch out for another 1000 probs.

IF, you are interested in those energys created in such buildings like churches or mosques,
you would at least brainwash those people to become living fuel for your magical work.


Well there is one opinion i would really care about to hear an opinion:
@S. Ben Quayin

Becouse i think Iblis and his relatives, understand the mechanisms better then any of us.

I know of quaran, and how it’s structured to infiltrade other civilisations peacefully,
and turn them slowly but stadily over, by changing the genetic pool,
as well as the local laws.
Just 2 days before i walked by a info stand of imigrant’s claiming about our german law principle "all power to the People."
But it’s not the Book i’m worried about.
Sure it’s Propaganda and keeps producing a certain type of personalitys.
But the true source of the issue, as far as i see it, is the warship of a very certain Fetish,
which is used to induce “poison” towards mankind.

Again, i’m a Little in the questionable area for that crazyness of thought.
However, it is NOT about killing their People!
It is in fact about cultivating and edjucating them.
But the fetish itself, is a Problem, which will be taken care off.
And that doesn’t actually require a specific Person of us,
but those who got the call, and been instructed,
know quite well, how importend the Task is.

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