Words You Need To Hear - Quick Psychic Attunement Game

Who wants to play a quick psychic attunement game? It’s just a quick, snappy exercise I sometimes like to do randomly (usually without telling the people I’m attuning myself to) to sharpen my skills, but I thought I’d turn it into a BALG game.

How it goes - Focus on the post immediately above yours, attune yourself to the poster’s energy, deliver whatever “words they need to hear” in your post, wait for the next person to give you your words.

I’m going to really stretch myself (because I don’t know who is going to respond first) and deliver the words the person below me needs (so I guess they will be the lucky one to get two sets, but I’m also going to guess that universe knows they need two sets).

“You are good as you are. The cloud will lift. You don’t see the meaning now, but you will in time and you will see your own strength because of this.”


If death is end of ones existence, bo with a bang since this is your only chance.If not, better sharpen your swords now.


Do the words speak to you? Please be honest if the don’t, these little readings and exercises helps us all grow.

I have taken these words to reflect an existential crisis I have been having - how do I know this real? Do I side with spirit or science? Those words say to me “just decide, but do something about whatever you decide. Either make the absolute most of a short life (if you accept nihilism) with experiences, or make the most of your time with spiritual learning and advancement if you accept that this life is only the start, but either way, act! Don’t be so stuck in the crisis you fail to act.”

I guess I get to give you the second set of words (oh irony) - “Who’s the girl? She’s no-one in the grand scheme of things, and not worth hanging your life up for. Remember who you are.”

And words for the next person - “Your motherly (or mother’s, I couldn’t quite get the word) instincts are right. Trust the divine feminine. You will find a way.”


Yes it does but its pretty generic anyways. :man_shrugging:

“you gotta stop trying”

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I felt a deep pull from both of these and both apply to my life right now.

“Give strength as often as you can. Even when you feel at your weakest. Be strong. You have within you The keys you need. The World needs you now more than ever.”

Is this mine?

I’m gonna assume so. I’m just the messenger lol.

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“You’re beautiful just the way you are”

I hope it resonates. @Lucy88

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I appreciate that immensly. It does indeed resonate. Thank you very much @Andina!

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You’re adopted.

Really though: “Consider what you’re chasing and whether it makes you resonate or not. If it takes motivation, it isn’t your mission.”

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Ok, I got a weird one for you, as I got both words and a very bad chemical burning smell.

“Keep away from anything that you set on fire.”

It was very specific about things YOU put the lighter to, not a general “keep away from fire” thing, and I was shown the inside of a living room and a small lit object (a cigarette, incense, tea light candle, it was small enough to be covered by a man’s hand) starting an accidental fire.

I’m not even trying to be funny, that’s what I got. Maybe get other people to light things like candles, cigarettes, burnt offerings, incense etc. for the next few weeks if you can’t give them up entirely.


“The roof is collapsing. There are things living above you in the attic.”

I also got a creaky leather chair swaying back and forth in a hall and the sound of footsteps above - 2 sets. I don’t know what this means, but best of luck.

:slight_smile: It probably resonates in some way which will be revealed later on, thank you.

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I seen chopsticks being used to pick up and eat a small potsticker I think, Everytime I start a thought I’m derailed by them being used for energy work.
I thought about them as wands and one in each hand and you makes stars in circles then place the wand tip inside of a key hole. I ask what’s inside and see a picture of a unicorn for symbolism.
So definitely should try useing two wands when doing energy work and magic if you don’t have use chopsticks.
Sorry I did a scan I started it just o have the link and then wasn’t getting words to come out.

Below is what came to me word wise

You need o focus on one thing at a time.
Life is short but that won’t matter everything will come to you in time.
Use pomegranate as offering when asking for help unlocking Kundalini further
Look inside yourself not the mirror, The mirror is treacherous when used improperly

Thank you! Definitely resonates.

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“Everything will be alright, but you need to set priorities. Don’t rush things and give it a little time. In the meantime do your Best. Dont worry. You’re protected. Nurture yourself.”
I also got the image of a lady with purple hair, of average weight and slightly tall. I think she was wearing a white tank top, a hat that looks like a fedora (?), and black or really deep crimson red lipstick. idk if it’s you or someone you know, or someone you’ll meet, but that’s what I got and thought to mention it.

Sorry if it doesn’t resonate love


That’s all I got. One word. I also saw when I closed my eyes a gold glowing fairy flying there. I’m a first timer. Just thought I’d give it a try.

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I seen the image you made for them then seen a frog, trust in your potential don’t worry about today think months ahead to your future. Your free to do as you please just don’t step on anyone toes. There’s a harpoon you need to pull out. “This one’s a thinker hopefully you understand it.” With all the wisdom in the world one still needs incentive don’t be the one left out, there message will come to you if you look. I seen a red butterfly then as it rose up a green one appeared from below it they both went oposing paths to make a circle and met at the top then I seen a bright spikey orb of light and a fairy looking over an edge at the light after it struck them and made the light. Sorry to copy fairy’s it’s just what I seen I then see the moon cresent open to the right shining down from the left and then a red mushroom on the right the fairy’s looking at it. Change will come when you least expect it, just let your heart guide you and everything will be fine. I start by saying the fairy then get, is watching over you night and day it’s powerful but will not show it until your alive inside. Look for the gifts o the moon make offering to “Annabell” the name that came to mind when I thought of the fairy have no clue if I got name right but that came out without any Influence from me, I’d just use it as a hello and ask for there real name I thought what’s there real name and couldn’t read but seemed like a smaller name. Don’t doubt what comes natural o ly doubt if your truelly in touch with nature. "Hmm weird to doubt nature think it just means if it’s worth doubting you’ll be able to tell you wernt I tune with nature atm. Don’t fear the unknown your wings will guide you.

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“Take care of yourself, beware”
I hope it resonates @Vaynord