Words of Power

Last year I wanted to increase my clairvoyant abilities with regards to more clear sightedness in ritual. This would therefore allow me to see spirits either in their usual ways more acutely (which is a kind of visual impression or structured awareness) or I could take it all the way and fully manifest them so I could literally see them in front of me. This however I find unnecessary and time consuming as it would take many weeks to several months, before I would get a full physical form to take shape.

In the summer last year I evoked my beautiful dark sorceress to help me with this and the results were stunning. Two days later, as I was digging the back garden three words came straight into my head from nowhere. The first word was Shamash, thirty seconds later I got kundal and then I got a bit of a garbled response, which was rectified later that evening to become Sensas?

Now firstly Shamash, who amongst other cultures was also known as the Babylonian sun god of justice and fairness. He appeared to be the ruler as far as I could make out. Next there was Kundal which is Sanskrit for coiled, as in the energy rising at the root chakra. This energy (to me personally) is a distilled essence of the life force energy which goes through our bodies and accumulates in this region, hence it can be quite potent for those that deal with this power. The kundal or ‘kundalini’ can also mean that we are becoming more aware of our abilities. Finally, Sensas means amazing or to an incredible degree in the French language.

So as you may now see, these words translate out in the order they were given as…

            "Take control of your awareness of reality to a higher degree"

                                   [b]'Shamash - Kundal - Sensas'[/b]

This is what I now use as a conjuration after I have opened the spirits sigil (flashed & charged with the intention) and it has allowed me over the months to become far more ‘sighted’ or clairvoyant within ritual. It has literally become my ‘conjuration of visibility’ as I never use a manifestation base such as incense, water or black mirrors.

In a previous related post,I seem to recall one of the members here having trouble with his evokations. He told me that although he could feel them, he couldn’t see spirits, well try this buddy…either use the above conjuration or do a ritual to help you gain a conjuration , which would allow you to bring spirits into visible appearance through using the power within words.


Nice, Congratz on your sucess bro.

And guys any experiences with it? Shamash sounds charming like lots of Sex appeal