Words of Power for the qliphothic work with the Tunnels of Set

From VK Jehannum:

Each Archdemon Conjuration starts with a formula of god names and words of power to be vibrated. “Aeonifer” is a magickal name applicable to any demon and “Artorzozam” is a word of power. Both the name “Aeonifer” and the WoP “Artorzozam” are useful in evocations of any demon or group of demons. “Khaosophoros” is a magickal name just like Aeonifer, save that it can only be used to summon one particular demon, never a group. “Don-Graph” is an Enochian pronunciation of the number eighty-seven, a number revealed to my coven by an archdemon of Moloch as useful in all workings of black magick and signifying an esoteric concept beyond human comprehension.