Words of power and incantation

Can you just create words Of power and incantations and charge them with your and your spirits energy and intention?

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I was thinking exactly about this a few days ago. VK Jehannum consacrate his chants and mantras. I do belive it is possible. Something that write your word, chant, mantra and do a process of consacration.

I was thinking the same thing because when I’m in ritual with semyaza the words come to my thoughts that are not my language and I’m not sure if it’s me or him

According to that what Franz Bardon wrote, there are so called ‘quabbalistic words’ but they are totally secret. You need to evoke some of Bardon’s Angels to get them. Their effects are true Magick. Enemies can die by one word, dangerous situations can be neutralized and so on.

I don’t think only one of all of us in this Forum
here knows a true quabbalistic word.
Would be too nice.

I’ll have to try that I mean semyaza has been helping me I believe but I struggle with my own skepticism a lot so I second guess what I hear in my head so maybe I’ll just start using what he says more

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Yes, you can do it.

I use the Shorshei Ha-Shemot to create mines, and then I consecrate it within angelic powers since they’re very linked to them. And works. Works wonders, in fact.

Although there’s a whole theory about the Shorshei Ha-Shemot and why it works so well, there’s many books by many authors that uses the same words of power and construct them differently one from another. Gallery of Magick is one of the many occultists publishers that use these methods and said with a great rate of success. But you should learn a little of the Hebrew pronunciation before working with it.

So, this is an example that I use and that really, really works pretty well. There’s many others, even in numerology or astrology. You should use the system that you like most and have more affinity with it.

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Thank you so much I’ll definitely be working on that thank you

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