Words from Jibril and the campione

I choose evil with good intentions

I kill joy yet I have no weapons

I hate everyone relay the message

I’m part of love so hate is a death wish

If you be faking with me that’s a death wish

And reality is fake and i multiply my dreams like the number eleven

Everything is and is isn’t

Nothing is same yet everything same

Even the lame have a brain

And the mad look sane

There is no present

There is only past and future

Light travels so we are already there

Nothing is real yet everything is

In a way apocalypse is over with and our bodies already dead

Nothing was planned yet it was

Maybe we all misunderstood each other

Maybe our darkest intentions had the most pure authentic affect

Maybe death is the saving grace and also maybe life is a mercy

If so then pain is sin and sin is actually just affect of one

In this fact destruction is real creation for it is the purest way the universe recycles.

Maybe bad is just the placebo affect of ones self taught culture and evil is totally separate. For all we know is that cancer and disease is enemy… yet it’s not, it brings death. Death is grace and pain is what brings evil. Sex is not evil and babies are not evil. Birth is not bad but the sin of pain… no pain is the evil of all things. For us there was no pain… there would be no death, death not be a savior much less would it exist. Maybe God is really a kind person. For he allows death to save us. How could we turn against… how could the devil not thank him, for the only reason hell is full is because of death. Death is gods mercy. We understand yet we don’t the reason for dying. It’s because of pain… the only reason a man would want to live forever is if there was no age. If nothing had age we wouldn’t die. Nothing would. Time is what allows pain. That makes time evil… why shall it not bend to our will like a twirler. It only makes stress for the people who are ocd. OCD is híper distraction and adhd is pure blindness. Blessed are the blind for they do not see the clocks on the wall. Making the ever lasting placebo affect distant. Clocks control. Light with a contrast of dark in days makes for a pattern in how long we can manage our energy. If there was darkness and no clocks. Our bodies probably would adjust. But then again what is today, tomorrow is all the same. Yet everything is and everything isn’t. Up could be down in reverse three times. And dimensions are actually just created through an idea. Maybe… just maybe we are the gods and the gods are our servants.