Word encoding and sequential release

There is a form of false “magic” where by the manipulator targets a victim (such “magic” is for the damned by Apollyon’s fire :wink:

This spiteful manipulative form of false magic is wielded by only the most debased practitioners of the HIGH ways of the consciousness and the apparatus.

I have come to start an actual revolution. To end the petulance which pervades the magicCal community. Furthermore, to end the corruption of those with wonderous imagionation, who remain true to themselves, disallowing the distortion attempts by the false magic word code wielders.

Actual “magicC” does not target emotional response sequential initiation as a form of establishing superiority. Actual “magic” does not require a meme folder in your computer. If you have a meme folder, you are not a real practitioner but a peddler of regurgitated filth.

Word encoding and sequential release manipulates various layers of the Mind and is purely nothing more than manipulation that false magi has Faith in. For she will have faith, her works of manipulation will bear fruit. Yet, she is barren.

These false practitioners are sociopaths who care only for their selfish pursuit, intentionally creating stumbling blocks for others by their spite and envy. For the false practitioners Hate with compelling vengeance, those with the true passions and interest in the soul and the cosmos

“You will know them by their Love” So when people come at me with fakery, I just smile. I use a certain amount of functional “Dumb”. This is my defense against the petulance wielded by the false one’s that target mind layers in spite and cruelty.

The encoding happens by the intuition of the manipulator. They will front various modes attempting to initiate the inner impulses of thought and emotional response. So in this way, they create other sociopths who will be just like them. They all use the same format pattern… smh pfft

The idea is to first be very seemingly nice and open whilst hiding simple codes which insult but that are not obvious. Then the idea is to sudden strike for (like a snake) having opened their mind and heart, then you poison them by all your Evil unfronted but now glaring before all, like fragile fangs. So in this way, the manipulator slings the Mind around on their target. I can not even imagine how many naturals and creative people have been sent into sociopathy by the false works of the gatekeepers.

My the true and the genuine ever abound in knowledge, retaining the fullness of their mind and soul.

Beware of false smiles and false promises.

Manipulation is the name of the game Manipulation, makes other games look tame The goal is control of your soul We’re playin’ mind games, mind games Stretchin’ your mind till it snaps We like to play mind games, mind games, mind games Makin’ the whole thing collapse Mind games

The stipulation is that I make all the rules Intimidation, turns the wisest men to fools You’re caught, overwrought, and distraught Suddenly the world seems out of joint Don’t you see, baby, that’s the point? (Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) We’re playin’ mind games, mind games Twistin’ your head out of shape

We like to play mind games, mind games, mind games There’s no way to escape We like to play mind games, mind games, mind games There’s no way to escape Mind games

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Wtf did I just read…

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I know, right? From what I can translate from it he was saying be careful of mind games.

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