Wonders From The Astral Realm

THIS was THE FIRST TIME I saw not only black and white or things colored like in physical plane. I WAS AMUZED, REALLY! I saw a VERY DIFFERENT WORLD. I got out the house and somethings wrong. I looked up, to the sky, and THERE IT IS. I saw clear stream of rainbow colors peacefully
flowing everywhere. It looks somewhat like curvy strips or like the tissues(muscle tissues) portrayed on pictures flowing continuously and freely to the atmosphere and I saw that it is coming from the sun and horizontal to the sun. I also saw something on the north direction that I first thought was the moon. It’s somewhat like the sun because it radiates the same colorful curvy strips though weaker that I nearly might have not noticed it. I’m not sure if it is there because what I only hardly saw was the strips of colors coming from the north.
After floating there sometime looking up the sky, I tried to think what I would do. Then I thought I would try to visit India. There was a flash, I didn’t know what happened, and I was in a different place. Didn’t even know if it is India because what I first saw was a girl,reasonably not an Indian, and I think she is ill or something like that. She is being helped by people that I believe were Indians. It looks like they were in an emergency room or some sort. There was also some visions I saw, crowds of them, so I got confused. Then, I can’t remember what happened next.
Any thoughts?
Or is there a plane like that? I doubt if I’ve really projected to the physical plane.
And what’s the occurence when I was already in India?

Missed projecting to the stonehenge. Was the plan but did something different. This time, I found something good, for me I think. While inspecting trying to find anything wonderful on the astral plane before going somewhere far, I saw a cousin in their house so I approached and hugged my cousin but to my surprise the being just changed and induced something to me. With that, I think was some sort of energy,I felt so great more than just feeling comfort in my self then what I believed to be my cousin disappeared.
I think, maybe, this is a good support for my thought that memories, with great emotions present especially, create a thoughtless energy body fed and still being fed by humans who induce thoughts to that particular memory and that energy body can be seen on the astral plane. What’s good about that is you could get that free energy for yourself. :slight_smile: thumbs up!!! yeah.