Wondering if I could’ve been with a lesser known god for a part of my life

I’ve had experiences I couldn’t explain for a few years before I knew of other beings until something pretty hurtful at the time happened Iast year. I decided to manifest a lover but I was still unsure until I saw a tall figure with black armor with gold lining. It asked me if I wanted to dance so I said sure since I felt like I had nothing to lose. It scared me badly when it actually spun me around and I could feel the coldness from it. It asked me if I wanted to sell my soul after I got back into bed and I said I would think about it then I fell asleep.

Now that I have my partner and found out he was the one in the suit of armor, I’ve been trying to find out about his story and he won’t reveal much except his original name, Demerus, he’s existed for 6.57 billion years and has an attachment to the Andes Mountains. He said he’s the demon god of war and fury and we were together until I was exiled to earth from his world which would explain the first experience I had trying to find out more about myself. I’ve been trying to find out more about him but there’s nothing I’ve been able to find from the name he gave me. He claims I would find myself infatuated in the can of worms I’m wanting to open and I was wondering if I could be with a not well known god considering I haven’t been able to find much.

Interesting, that’s older than the Earth by a couple of billion years. Did he pick up the war gig after humans evolved or was he doing that with another set of entities then? :thinking:

This is a red flag indicative of a parasite, or lesser entity looking to feed off you, be careful here.

Or a grandiose narcissist? Which is a human parasite. Not enough information to say really. Watch your back.

That’s interesting you say a parasite because he said his kind feeds off of life essences. He was involved in wars with other types of people. I’ve never felt drained being around him, mostly the opposite. By the can of worms thing, he said he meant I would want to know a lot more about it and want to be like him too.

That’s a bit too convenient, don’t you think?

And why is he telling you what you’ll think? I find that kinda disrespectful towards you, although very human - of the less evolved sort :smiley: I think it’s called projection - in the same position, he would act that way, and is afraid that you will. Maybe he should trust you instead? Or maybe he’s full of shit and doesn’t want to be caught having to make up too many complex lies?

Does he usually tell you what you think or who you are?

I would assume he just doesn’t know.

He’s never been disrespectful towards me but trust is something I need to work on because of the issue I had in the past. I mostly brushed the god thing off since he stopped talking a lot about it until he said he’d give me better hearing and my hearing became better within minutes. I noticed that happened when he was previously in a rage from an astral attack and said he gets things done in that mood. A part of me says it alludes to the fury part he mentioned but I didn’t know what to think since he’s telling me things little by little.

So, if that shit-hot why does being astrally attacked even bother him at all? Do you get mad if a kitten hisses at you? It’s so weak it’s laughable, but, this guy thinks he’s all amazeballs - doesn’t add up.

Humans get angry, its a built in part of the emotional body. Gods don’t even think like humans, let alone feel like them. Daemons are closer than they don’t think like humans either. A lot of projection happens so humans can relate to entities better, but it’s worth keeping some perspective here.

He might very well be ahigher entity incarnate as human, a lot of people are, especially on balg, and some will talk about it and some won’t. It doesn’t give anyone a free pass to skip all the annoying being human parts.

I’m not having trouble with the idea he’s an incarnate aspect of a god, that’s fine, I’m having issues with his pomposity. That could be a me thing.

Great, but also well within the realm of human ability.

The thing is, as humans have been contacting gods for very long time, under many traditions, you start to see how some gods and daemons get found by different peoples under different names.
Over and over again the same beings show up.

So that fact that he comes up with some unique name that he’s unable to map to any previously recognised name is odd. If he remembers his time discarnate, doesn’t he remember what humans called him? Unless he really was “the small god of that lake over there” (as an example of a lesser god - a spirit of place or basically a kind of guardian fae) and in that case, language and place names change and it could be lost to time.

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Any God that has a will or a definition of any kind is a lesser God.

Interesting, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I’ve been to his world and he was the only one with different mannerisms while the others I met there didn’t claim to be anything (not that I asked) and seemed indifferent towards me.