Wondering about protection from Islamic prayer


I kinda overspoke lol I’m new to the curse world so I’m not sure but from what I’ve read, if you do the work it will work, but it just takes a decent amount of time.


Stop posting pictures of your curse target. It is a breach of forum rules.

This is the second one you have posted and has been flagged for the moderator to delete.


I’m sorry I saw Someone say to post a picture of their target for advise feel free to take it down.


Here. This post should help you🙂. He hates the “god” of Abraham. This demon calls him a “dessert troll”


It’s fine, mistakes happen, but whoever said to post a photo must be new to the forum as well and should probably read the rules themselves.

If you want to share a photo of your target for a reading or whatnot, it can only be done in PM, not in the public space where it can be found by a simple Google search, because it could constitute as “making threats” according to US law, where this forum is located. That is essentially what you are doing.


That makes perfect sense! Thanks for reminding me about the google search.


Hi thank you so much for this. I’m sorry, who hates the god of Abraham? This guy is a religious Muslim. Are you saying to use this demon in my ritual? Thanks again!


Im saying to ask the demon to protect from the prayers of muslims so as to block any influences that may be making the situation more intense,


Ask him (demon) to be a shield :shield: to block off any prayers and neutralize and influences of Islamic prayer​:slightly_smiling_face:


Oh ok! So he may be able to stop the protection that is hindering my curse? I read the whole thread, he sounds awesome!


You got it! Ask him first, and then get back to me. I haven’t worked with him
Yet, but I’m thinking of it. You can tell him I say hello :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:. Let me know,


:smiley: I’m
Gonna get some nuts tomorrow!


my last work on a person - I did a vinegar jar and wrote all the great things in their life and shook it and have it upside down. Alot has happened since that jar.


Cool! I talked To him yesterday! I used The sigil and gave him some really good almond butter and he was a frog and kept shifting into a dude who looked like he smoked a lot
Of weed! anyways I went Out last night and met a mutual gay friend and he swears that our pious Muslim is a closet homosexual !


A Marine once told me of what a Muslim told him on a middle eastern tour: “Boys are for Love, and women are for Reproduction.” Coming from a male muslim.


I’ve heard that! Oh, lord! Well I’m still gonna get him. Cohzier, I’m pretty sure must have sent me this information since I spoke To him right before leaving the house!


I also Love jar spells I’ve done several on him. Thinking about doing another one soon.


I’m going to lay some goofer dust how can I ask cohzier to help remove religious obstacles so that it can fully work properly? Should I use A sigil and burn it and use the ashes?


Why not focus on something positive. It seems the Obsession is still in place. Try healing yourself. I have been down that road and it always brings more pain.


I’m obsessed with winning