Woman with no face

Since i was a teenager I have been troubled by a certain event which I cannot explain or rationalize. I attempted evocation when I was younger but had no success - for what reason I do not know - I put it down to me being inexperienced.

Anyway, a single event changed my perception and made me ‘latch on’ to the occult. I was celebrating my friend’s birthday party. I didn’t drink particularly too much, i was coherent, no drugs were involved… and everyone at the party didn’t do drugs or anything of the sort. Therefore, I could rule out that the following wasn’t something chemical.

I blacked out during the party, for what reason I do not know. I woke up the next morning at my house. My mother picked me up and apparently I had caused quite a stirr in my friend’s house and vadalised his trampoline… which is the last placed i could remember being. However, I did have a dream about a woman with no face - however, i put it down to a nightmare… funnily enough, i’ve always remembered this nightmare (when 99% of my nightmares - i cannot remember).

I went round to his house to apologize - i didn’t know what i broke but I was scared to lose him as a friend in all honesty. I went around and his mother and him stood at the door and explained to me what I had done and did better, they had showed me. The trampoline, the netting in particular (sorrounding) was shredded as if a wild animal was trapped in there. Apparently i was crying, screaming, shouting and looked as though i had been scared of something. My friends have a better recolection than the mother - who i assume wasn’t there at the time of the incident… but i was screaming about a ‘woman with no face’. Thankfully my mate didn’t take offence - he didn’t use his trampoline anyway… although his mother was extremely angry with me and practically banned me from coming back again - for obvious reasons. He told me that i looked genuinely scared and couldn’t explain why i had changed so much in such a short space of time.

I have never had any experience like this before, nor do i have any illnesses or anything of the like. I’m now asking… 6-7+ years later… what did i see? What was i afraid of and why? It has really annoyed me… to the point where i have tried my best to research the ‘woman with no face’…

So far, all i have found out from one source i remember (which i cannot seem to find now - maybe it has been taken down) - that a woman with no face represents an omen - that is neither kind nor malevolent - just serves as a warning… although, i think that it is more than that - my gut tells me that it is.

Has anyone had anything like this or have any knowledge - or explanation?

It wouldn’t change my life that much to know ‘why’… it’s just something that would be nice to know or have more information on - because it hasn’t left my mind since.