Wolfram, Hoffman, and Friston maps?

Curious on whether anyone else here has a preference sometimes, or at least with some of their maps, to work from physicalism outward and find mystical activity and games on the outer branches?

I’m thinking of a few relatively robust models:

Stephen Wolfram’s ruliad and rulial space, rendered on a hypergraph.

Donald Hoffman and Chetan Prakash’s Conscious Realism where consciousness renders reality based on primitives and explores which potentials keep certain arrangements alive for the longest and make them the most fecund - to which actual reality gets deeply hidden by the intensity of game theory for survival.

Karl Friston’s more tightly-framed version of a physicalism which, like above, is heavily based in Markov chains, Markov kernels, and he adds ‘Markov blankets’ as a separation of inner and outer process for an observer / observed divide and covert processing which can generate a richer landscape (or go wrong because the covert tools turn Machiavellian in their use). One of his big things is the ‘Free Energy Principle’ which is effectively a broader version of tragedy of the commons but with respect to every kind of food at every level and the ideals to also reduce surprise as much as possible.

Since a lot of this is starting to head into idealism and higher mathematics in various ways (especially the ‘spacetime is doomed’ stuff) I wonder if any of the popular chaos magic writers have been experimenting with some of this stuff and written anything on it. It’s probably something I’d be interested in trying anyway if no one else gets to it but I’m still not sure 100% what that would look like, so I’d have the frame my means of engagement.

Let me know if you’ve heard of any of that and if the above wrings any bells (also sorry in advance if some of it’s a bit arcane).