Wolf eyes?

ok so i wanted to ask this to someone for so long i didnt because i thought it was my just a dumb coincidence , ever since i was a child i was attracted to wolves i even wanted to become a werewolf thats why i came to know about William R wraite’ s books but thats not what i am asking the title says wolf eyes because when i was born with blue eyes as i grew it became green then silver by age of six eye colour change should stop in humans but it didnt happen in my case and now i am 14 with amber eyes ( i have crazy genes i am little british , african ,north indian , and indian and i am white ) ok now look at the order of eye colour changes , the thing is its the same as a wolf cub they are born with blue eyes so did i and then green then silver (i am not sure they get silver) and then amber ,is this a conicidence , or a connection , or my genitics ??? help me out

Eye color doesn’t always stop changing when older, especially hazel however, look into spirit animals as wolves or even a possible life as one that might have impacted your soul/true self.


Thanks a lot I will look into it

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Wolf symbolism is strong within you. You have likened to it, and it’s the kind of thing that creates paths

One day, you will come to a point where you are less involved in it, but will always love it.

For now, seek your path in this symbolism,take the path that makes your heart sing. There are many spirits heavily linked to wolves. I would suggest Freya. I do not know why, I don’t even know if Freya is related to wolves, but I sense you should speak to her.

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Someone please correct me on this if I am wrong. I am getting used to my knowing being this powerful.

I do not know why I suggest Freya.

At the very least you should speak to Freya. If not wolves, then she just might want to see you.

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i will give my best thanks alot really apreciatte it again thanks alot

Hazel eyes are the best, you can see what people think and walk into their day dreaming. Do it softly!
Try different meditation states and watch the way your eyes change, they may respond to different frequencies. In time, that’s something you could control and freak out people :stuck_out_tongue:
Try mimicking animals. Mold your eyes according to each creature.

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So is Fenrir

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i have tried to mimick pigeons before they , run away every time ( i think they get frustrated because of me) :sweat_smile:

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