Wolf energy

All my life I have been drawn to wolves, I have had companions , hybrid and other and I have never in my life experienced more unconditional love that in a wolf…

Working with wolf energy, is that a thing?  I feel that question inside me...

I have incredible love and affection fro these animals…

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You might find this interesting brother.


I mean yea sure, totally a thing.

I would personally think of it in Norse Tradition as working with the various wolf entities. Geri, Freki, Fenris etc, not to forget the Ulfhednar.


Being part Cherokee (East band), I have learned who are my spirit animals (which I have a few). I have a white wolf, and a black wolf. They are my protectors while I astral travel, and they are guardians of my astral temple. I love wolf energy.


I can believe that… I have always had a special relationship with the animals themselves in real life as well as in the spirit world…
Being almost full German on both sides as well as some Scandinavian and Dane, wolves are rich in our ancestry as well.

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Asbjourn, you are a very interesting fellow, wish I lived closer to your area…

Thank you for the insight…
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If a wolf appears in a dream what might it mean? I had a dream where I was walking down the road somewhere in the woods and a wolf walked towards me on the right side along the pathway. It didn’t attack or anything. But it just looked at me and walked then in the woods. @MatthewMark ?


@Turomir It might be that the wolf is your spirit animal. Next time you see him/her, ask him/her why he/she is with you.


Awesome thread! I love wolves too, discovered this at 18 when I saw a pack (sadly) at the zoo. I was mesmerised and they in turn just stood and stared back at me, I felt an instant connection. I even saw a wolf spirit in my house. I believe I have three wolves with me, recently saw a white wolf in spirit in my room. Now my son says he dreamt of a raven and a black wolf, the black wolf came to him. Seems we have the same guardian spirits.

It surely is.
One of my first supernatural expiriences was with wolf energy.

I have a chant i channeled from Lilith to become a werewolf.
If you want i’ll send you in PM.
It’s not the same as the energy you reffer to but maybe it’s someting that tickles your fancy…


Hey @anon95990194 I’m not sure if you were replying to me or to the original poster? I would love that information = please do PM me!

Thanks! I have shapeshifted spiritually into wolf form in the past, spontaneously, however I don’t know how to do it from will, just like I can’t astral travel, though I’ve done it a few times spontaneously, Doh!


Wolves are one of the most beautiful animals in the spiritual realm. I highly advise you not, as the ancients would not like this. I follow the path of Mother Earth, embracing both good and evil.

Wolves are one of the oldest companions to the mystical world. You mess with it’s beauty and make it in the form unknown when this is not your right - you will lose the lessons behind the wolf.

You are not native. You don’t belong to a covenant, the one I left. And Lucifer gave back. Your gift is from Mother Earth - the tree of Life - herself. You leave the shifter of wolves to the ones who have been called by the ancients.


Don’t turn yourself to a warewolf.

What on Earth are you going on about?


Sparrow speaks. Not me.

The things that go bump in the night. I practice magick of mother Earth. I follow the ancients.

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Ahhh-haaaa! Clarification was indeed needed.

The wolves you speak of are not the ones I lead. So sorry.

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Would you be willing to share this chant and give a little detail on it


especially during black, new, full or more special moon phases it’s effects are most potent.


What? So you’re a werewolf?

Thanks for quick reply