Woke up with chunk of hair chopped?

I know this sounds crazy and I sound crazy but i showered same soaps and everything I brushed my hair and was putting my noramil oils in it because my hair is curly nothing is new . No one has been over or did anythong to my bottles.
I woke ups and the middle of my hair a group of my hair is cut Precisely THE SAME LIKE AS IF IT WERE WITH SCISSORS. My hair is about 18 inches long and i have no scissors or knife and nothing in my bed. My hair is cut down to like 4inches just the midldle section. i DID NOT GO ANYWHERE. and im worried because after looking it up other women say this has happened but most of them were being attacked. i do remember i wa shaving trouble sleeping and was getting hot all night and was scared but didnt know why and went back to sleep. Has this happened to anyone? or anyone have any idea what MIGHT be the cause ? is there something super natural that can do that?!
this was the only site i found of other women claiming this happening but they all saw something or attacked
“From all the available evidence, it seems the women are cutting their own hair either consciously or in an altered sensorium, likely to seek attention,
Some women say it was a cat that turned into a man, other talks of an elderly man and there are others who believe it to be the work of a witch
another woman SOMEWHERE ELSE said her braids were chopped off by a “black cat” that took the shape of a man.
so i just am here wondering if this is a witch or something im assuming maybe something bad is going to be happening what do i need to be protected ? Can i petion lucifer can i do it anytime?


You can go to Lucifer anytime and ask for protection … And I would recommend it.

@Lady_Eva do you have any ideas about this?

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Not really, sorry. :thinking:

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I just thought you might have heard of this or something similar before. I’m at a loss on it. But I find it interesting. I may have to research. :mag:

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It seems like another one of those things where demon & “alien” crossover, in this case collecting physical samples. I don’t like it, but haven’t heard of it before.

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I can’t say for sure but I know hair and other things get used a lot in voodoo or hoodoo spells, though i think they had someone physically do it in person. This makes me want to research. I’ll look into it more after I get off work.

Just a suggestion maybe do a banishing and then call protection.


My mom also says she woke up with the middle of her head chopped too and we do not live together it was the same week

This is interesting indeed. Besides the whole alien idea (that is a huge possibility, me and my mother having our own experiences with this sort) but also of a magical working that needs hair.
I remember reading something a while back about witches getting things from people to use on spells towards that person. Normally in the darker arts like classical witchcraft or voodoo. :thinking: But there is many things you can use hair for in magical workings besides curses and hexes. They can for example use it to help tie an entity to you or do what I call string magic and use your hair as the component to aid them in “working out a path” per say similar what you read in I think Norse Mythos or was it Irish??? Now this is more then unlikely but to be sure I definitely would call on protection and do a hex/curse break/removal or what ever it’s called. Better safe then sorry. Even if it’s ETs after your DNA there is beings that CAN help protect you from unnecessary encounters of the third kind :thinking: